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Gone are the days when using the Best USB Endoscope was an uphill task. They needed expertise, and people in the medical field are the only ones who used them. It was tricky because the DIY, hobbyist, and homeowners had no idea how to use them.

But in recent years, camera technology has made significant innovations making them user-friendly. It is almost a must for a person to have a USB Endoscope Camera because you will need them in your day-to-day activities in your house. Their versatility comes in handy, especially when you need to diagnose problems in those hard places to reach your home. 

Throughout our article, we will review the 10 high-rated Endoscopes that are available. We will pinpoint every detail for your perusal. The buying guide, FAQ, and our analysis will give you a clear picture.

Below are the 10 top in the market;

Our 3 Favorite USB Endoscope

Top 10 Best USB Endoscope Review

1. USB Endoscope for Otg Android Phone

USB Endoscope Type C Borescope for OTG Android Phone, Windows PC, MacBook, 5.5 mm 0.21 Inch Inspection Snake Camera Waterproof, 16.4FT Semi-Rigid Cord with 6 LED Lights (16.4 ft)

An amazing USB Endoscope that is used to reach those tiny places around our homes. At 0.21 inch/5.5mm, you will discover that the Camera is ultra-thin.  If you need to expand your eyesight and view, HVAC, toilets, sofa corners, and all the tiny places in your house, then USB Endoscope for Otg Android Phone has all your answers.

More features


When viewing your bathrooms and toilets don’t worry. Do it in confidence because it is waterproof. Go as deep as three meters and look out for those tiny objects in your sanitary area. A Point to note, though, is it doesn’t go more than three meters.

Semi-rigid cables

There is no fear of breakages and bending problems when it comes to the cables. If you need to peruse those narrow-ended areas like cylinders, or even pipes, do so. The cables are strong and can withstand a bit of pressure.


It beats our understanding because, in dark areas, you are covered. With 6 dimmable LEDs, how can we not fall in love with this piece? You can even turn the light off. 

Easy to use

Complicated items are not our thing. With a USB Endoscope for Otg Android Phone, you have all the instructions from the manufacturers. Once you download the app, the installation process is over. But to mention, if you have a Macbook, use the bundled software photo booth. If it is Windows 10, then plug into the USB and look for Camera, then click. In Windows 7 and 8, download an Amcap.


  • Easy to use
  • Strong cables
  • It can be used in dark places
  • Affordable


  • It cannot be used with Samsung a5, j3 and iPhone/iPad

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2. Industrial Endoscope, SKYBASIC 1080P HD 8mm

Industrial Endoscope 33FT, SKYBASIC Borescope Sewer Camera IP67 Waterproof 4.3' LCD Screen HD Snake Camera Video Inspection Camera with 6 LED Lights, Semi-Rigid Cable, 32GB Card&Four Helpful Tools

Who doesn’t like DIY items? When it comes to this Industrial Endoscope, you buy it and operate it soon as you plug it in. No need for Wi-Fi. Neither do you need to use your great phone for any connection? It operates as well as perfect without all that.

Other features

1P67 waterproof

At times, you need to work even in the weirdest environments and wonder how you can reach those points. With the lens and lamps of the camera being waterproof, you are sure you will view those corners with class.

LED lights

You can view the darkest places too. The 6 LEDs take care of that feature. You can get clear and precise images from a distance as far as 198 inches. The cables are semi-rigid and very flexible. How about the battery? It can last as long as four hours.

Wide application

What more can you yearn for when you can inspect several places with SKYBASIC Industrial? If you are in the car industry, no need to worry, you can inspect those areas with no limitations. For mechanics, the SKYBASIC Industrial doesn’t disappoint. Other inspections like household appliances, pipe repairs, sewer inspection, and overall house maintenance make it a catch.

LCD Screen

It is 4.3 inches, full color that allows you to view your photos and videos instantly. The camera is a 1080P HD Endoscope suitable for viewing HD photos.


  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Clear camera
  • The quality is good


  • Some complained about the length of the camera tip

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3. USB Snake Inspection Camera, Fantronics 2.0 MP

USB Snake Inspection Camera, FANTRONICS USB C Borescope, Scope Camera with 8 LED Lights for (16.4ft) OTG Android Phone, Windows PC, MacBook

USB snake Fantronics is an amazing endoscope that supports most computers but discriminates the iPhone users. Phones like Samsung, Sony, and HTC are supported and (USB C) smartphones with OTG and USB BVC function. Before taking this USB endoscope home, a word of advice is that install the free app, USB OTG CHECKER, to check the OTG.

Other features

IP67 Waterproof; despite all the challenges, especially for iPhone users, it can view different places without problems. With this USB endoscope inspection camera, you are sure your sewers, narrow pipes, and bathrooms are inspected with minimal hassle. How about the LED lights? It’s a whooping 8pc adjustable, which makes it easier to view in dark areas.

Semi-rigid cables; it has a 5M rigid cable that allows you to turn to 360 degrees without feeling intimidated. When you use something flexible and strong, you feel good. That is what this USB snake, Frantronics camera makes you feel.

Camera; it has a fantastic camera with great features. It can capture images or videos with 640 X 480, 1280 X 720 resolutions. That means all your photos and videos are top-notch, making any problem diagnosis easy.


  • It has a good camera
  • The cables are strong and flexible
  • It is waterproof
  • It supports most of the computers


  • It doesn’t support iPhones

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4. Wireless Endoscope Camera, NIDAGE

Wireless Endoscope Camera, NIDAGE WiFi 5.5mm 1080P HD Borescope Inspection Camera for iPhone Android, 2MP Semi-Rigid Snake Camera for Inspecting Motor Engine Sewer Pipe Vehicle (33FT)

When you think of a NIDAGE Endoscope, what comes to your mind is whether it is waterproof. It is a requirement because, in most cases, you use them to look down to that drainage system. You want to diagnose problems with minimal hassle, and this endoscope doesn’t disappoint. With its advanced technology, it has a 5.5mm probe. Thus it can reach areas that are hard to reach using outdated endoscopes.

More features

Long cable

It sucks when you want to reach the furthest corners, but you can’t. What if I tell you it has a cable as long as 33ft? Excited? I know you are. The cable can go as far as 8 inches deep.


The good news is that it is compatible with Android and iPhones. That makes it a must-have for iPhone lovers who need it. NIDA endoscope will see under the walls, sewers, furnaces, pistons, among others.

Semi-rigid cables

You can do much more with flexible cables, yet they don’t break. While assessing those narrow ends, you can dig deeper and diagnose the problem without worrying about the cables.

LED Lights; with 6 adjustable LED lights, the darkest corners are accessible.

Battery; when you charge the battery for around 30 minutes, you are sure of an hour’s working period.


  • The picture quality is very good
  • It has long cables
  • The pricing is good
  • It is waterproof


  • Set up takes a bit of time

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5. USB Endoscope Camera, DEPSTECH 720P

USB Endoscope Camera, DEPSTECH 720P IP67 Waterproof Borescope, 5.5mm Snake Inspection Camera, Type-C Scope Camera with 16.5ft Semi-Rigid Cable, 6 LED Lights, Compatible with OTG Android Phone, PC

DEPSTECH is a special endoscope with features to look forward to. The fact that it connects with android, MacBook and Windows, makes it fantastic. The setup is a walk in the park because you can do it on your own if you follow all the instructions given.

Other notable features


It beats this mark of being waterproof compliance. Through those sewers, its camera can see without getting damaged. Even if the places are hard to reach, don’t worry. It can see through it all.

Semi-rigid cables

When you want to go into those deep sewers, you need snake-like strong cables to do so. With DEPSTECH you are sure of that and more.


What beats the power of a good camera? It has a 5.0mp camera which can shoot around 2592*1944p. The photos are clear, and the videos are delicious. Did I mention that the camera is 0.33mm ultra-thin? That means it can go the narrowest place you can think of, and it has one of the best micro USB inspection cameras.

LED Lights

Are 6 adjustable lights that penetrate through to help you access the darkest parts. You can adjust them to your liking and reap the benefits.


  • The camera captures clear photos
  • It is cost-friendly
  • It is versatile
  • You can use it with an Android 5


  • It is not compatible with iPhones

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6. USB Snake Inspection Camera, 2.0 Mp

USB Snake Inspection Camera, 2.0 Mp Ip67 Waterproof USB C Borescope, Type-c Scope Camera with 6 Adjustable Led Lights Endoscope Camera for Android, PC's Endoscope Camera

Sometimes you have a car and are unable to see the inside of that car with your naked eyes. Of course, you need to diagnose the cause of the problem, and the USB snake Inspection Camera does that perfectly well. With its camera that has a 7mm head, you are sure to view those places.

Other notable features


It is not limited to the car only because you can use it around your home. If you need to inspect under your bed, through the walls, bathrooms, sewers, etc., this is an excellent USB for that.


A snake-like cable means that you can penetrate with snake movements. So that corner that seems unreachable, the USB reaches comfortably. Again, the cable is semi-rigid taking a 360-degree rotation.

The camera

Is waterproof, allowing you to take those snapshots without the care in the world. The resolution of the camera is 640 x 480, 1280×720. How about the videos? They are clear, smooth, and precise.

LED Lights

Unlike the other USB cameras with 6 LED lights, it has 6 adjustable LED lights. That makes it a fantastic USB Snake Inspection Camera, to explore those dark corners.


  • It has a clear camera
  • It has 6 adjustable LED lights
  • You can use it on most Android phone
  • It is used on PC


  • It is not iPhone compatible

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7. 3rd Generation USB Borescope 

3rd Generation USB Borescope, Teslong Auto Focus Endoscope Camera with 5.0 Megapixels FHD Micro Inspection Camera, Waterproof Semi-Rigid Snake Cable, Multifunction Soldering Camera(5m/16ft)

What comes to your mind when 3rd generation is mentioned? Maybe you think it’s a product from 3rd generation or something. Anyway, this is an endoscope that has managed to do things differently. They have upgraded their micro inspection cameras, and they are doing a good job. With that upgrade, you can bring an object closer through their camera. In other words, it is an “autofocus technology.”

More features


It’s a long one around 5 meters that is semi-rigid. It is also waterproof so that you can dig deeper into sewers, bathrooms, and toilets. You can’t ignore the durability bit because the wire serves you well.


3rd generation has a good camera that takes clear photos. The HD USB endoscope camera is way better than the standard cameras because it is 2.5 times clear effect. A standard camera has around 1080p; this one is 2.5 times better. The fact that it is a built-in “5-megapixel ultra HD module” explains it all. With such, you can see details like plaque on the wall, rust in the pipes, and even some carbon residue in the engines. It captures all those details.


Android phones that have OTG functions are compatible with this Micro-USB Endoscope. If you have a MacBook or a PC, you can still use it. In addition to all those fantastic features, you get a TESLONG, inspection cameras, and other accessories like a hook, magnet to name a few.


  • The quality of the photos and videos is at par
  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with great accessories
  • It has LED lights


  • It is not compatible with iPhones

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8. Cubyee Premium Borescope

Cubyee Premium Borescope, [5.5mm 6 LED 1M/3.3FT Length] USB Micro Data Cable Endoscope, Waterproof Inspection Camera for Andorid Phone/PC

It is a very neat and friendly endoscope that can be used at home and in industries. The fact that it is versatile makes it a great piece to have, and the camera is excellent. Those who are in-vehicle, petroleum, aviation, space, construction industries can use it. Interestingly, it has a criminal and custom detector, which is helpful for the people in that department.

Size; it is small and very light. It is a product that you can carry everywhere and use without much hassle.

IP67 Waterproof

When perusing those high ends; you don’t have to worry about destroying the camera.  It has a waterproof USB endoscope camera that has a head view of 5.5mm.


With its LED lights, you are comfortable viewing dark places. It has 6 adjustable white LEDs with a length of 1M/3.3FT. That means they are very bright.


The Cubyee Premium Borescope is compatible with an Android System Phone that is above 4.0 and supports OTG.  Unfortunately, it does not support the iOs system.


  • Waterproof
  • It’s compatible with several apps
  • Easy to use


  • Some complained about the quality of the Micro USB Camera

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9. LZHZJOY Endoscope Camera

LZHZJOY Endoscope Camera,Car Inspection Camera, Android and iOS Phones/Tablets Home Inspection Camera USB Endoscope Camera 2 Million HD IP67 Waterproof (11.5FT)

LZHZJOY Endoscope Camera is a fantastic endoscope that has brought smiles to iPhone lovers. Most of the Endoscope doesn’t support iOs, so you can imagine how this great endoscope saves the day.  Using it is very simple, you download the App, follow the instructions, and there you go, it up and running.

More features


Can be used without Wi-Fi, so good news for homeowners. Their USB endoscope camera android doesn’t have to be connected to the Wi-Fi. So if you want to inspect your sewers, sofa corners, and other place is in your house, you are sorted.


Nothing beats the quality of a good camera. The LZHZJOY Endoscope camera has around five different resolutions that make it great for people in the vehicle industry. You can easily do your car inspections focusing on about 2.4 inches.

The cable; is semi-rigid and waterproof. The camera is 8mm in diameter that means it can be comfortable,


With the snake movement kind of design, the cable maneuvers around your house, reaching every corner. You can comfortably use it in dark places and water-prone areas.


  • iPhone compatible
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It doesn’t consume much power


  • Some complained of the camera
  • Some complaints about the lights

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10. 5.0MP 50FT USB Borescope Endoscope Camera

5.0MP 50FT USB Borescope Endoscope Camera, DESKOP Sewer Snake Inspection Camera with 6 Adjustable LED Lights IP67 Waterproof Semi-Rigid Cable for Pipe Drain Automotive Duct Home, Hook Magnet Mirror

It is known to have a camera clearer than most brands in the market. You may ask why it is that. It is based on facts, though. The resolution of the camera goes up to 2592*1944, so that’s why you have photos and videos that are clear.

More features

Distance; 5 .0MP 50FT USB Borescope doesn’t suck when it comes to inspecting long distances. It goes up 16 inches, and the focal length is impressive.

Usage; it is straightforward to use this endoscope. You need to plug it into your computer and install the software. It will work well without much hassle.

Compatibility; sadly, it doesn’t support MacBook, iPhone, Android, Tablets, and iPads. But if you have Windows XP, 8, Vista, and Windows 10, you are good to go.

Cables; just like most of the endoscopes, its cable is semi-rigid and flexible. It is 50 Ft, and in addition to that, the Endoscopes come with hooks, magnets, and side mirrors. It doesn’t bend, so when you need to peruse those hard places, go ahead.

Lights; it comes with 6 adjustable LED lights making your journey to darker places effortless. Remember it is ip67 waterproof, so don’t limit it to only dry locations. Explore the wet areas too.


  • Easy to use
  • The quality is good
  • The length of the cable is impressive


  • It doesn’t support some gadgets

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Best USB Endoscope Buying Guide 

Now that you have decided to buy a USB endoscope, you need to know what to look for on the Best USB Endoscope available. There are various things you can consider, and we are going to look at each of them.

Camera’s Quality

When you buy your USB endoscope, you must look at the specifications of the camera. Most of us want that camera with full-HD video, and this can be costly. With a camera that has 1080p, the quality of photos and videos is good. But again, if you can’t get that, one with 780p still works perfectly well. So as you shop, ensure you get those details correct.

How compatible is your USB?

It’s crucial to get USB cameras that are compatible with several gadgets. We have discussed different USB Endoscopes models and discovered that some support, Androids, Windows, PCs, etc. So while doing your shopping, consider the compatibility factor. That should also be influenced by where you are going to work. For example, if your work is outside the house, the USB’s compatible with phones are suitable. Do thorough research to understand that bit.


Some Endoscopes use batteries. In that case, consider if your Endoscope uses a lot of power. That will influence the choice of Endoscope you will get. For example, if you intend to work for many hours, you can get a battery with 2000 milliamp hours or more. But if you don’t work for long hours, you can take one with less.

The length of the cable

It’s equally important to consider the length of the cable. While looking at the size, don’t ignore the flexibility. Yeah, most people think that the longer the cable, the better the results. It might be accurate, but pick an Endoscope with the length you feel is needed for your work.

How Do I Install An Endoscope Camera On My Computer?

It doesn’t take a lot of time to download and install an endoscope camera for your PC. There are two methods to do that, and they all work effortlessly. If you follow these steps without missing any, you should have the camera on your PC within no time.

Below is a step to step you can follow to install the endoscope camera on PC. NB: You will need an Android emulator like Bluestacks or an LDPlayer. 

Installing through the Bluestack

Follow these steps;

  • The first step is to download Bluestack and install it on your PC.
  • Next is to open the Bluestacks emulator and through Google account login. 
  • After you login into your Google account, open the endoscope camera from Google Play Store.
  • Once you are through with that, click install. It will install and ready for use.

Alternatively, in the instance that you don’t find the app on the Google Play Store, you install it by running the camera on the APK file. That should work well.

How to install through LDPlayer

Follow these steps

  • The first step is to download the LDPlayer on your PC. Once you are through with that, install it. Ensure it is working well before proceeding.
  • The second step is launching. This should take you a few minutes. Since the installation has been successful, launch the LDPlayer.
  • Next, log in to your Google account.
  • After that, find the LDPlayer store and search Download Blazer.
  • There you will get the Endoscope Camera, and you can install it from there.

There you go, if you followed those few pointers your endoscope camera should be up and running.

What is the difference between a borescope and an endoscope?

 Let’s analyze the difference between boroscopes and endoscopes using a table

They can maneuver pretty well but are not flexible. That makes working with them a bit hard, especially when you want to reach those rough terrains.Endoscopes have very high maneuverability ability. They can go through tough places and their flexibility makes that possible.
They have powerful lighting, which is built-in. With this kind of lighting, you can see inside most machinery or whatever you are working on.They don’t need powerful lighting. They can still work well even when the lighting is poor. Though they are installed with lighting features, it doesn’t mean when the light is dim; they dim too.
They are not cheap. But when you compare the prices of endoscopes, you will realize that these are more affordable.They are a bit pricey. Many factors determine the pricing, though, but you have to cough some suitable chucks to get an endoscope, especially with that high head camera.
They are used in many places, including vehicle industries, aerospace technicians.                 They are primarily used in the medical field. If the surgeons want to see what is going inside your body, they can send the camera and diagnose.                 

FAQ: Best USB Endoscope

Q: How do you make an endoscope?

A: To make an endoscope, you will need a USB endoscope camera. Plug the USB into the computer. Then once you plug in, the camera should be on. Through the computer, you will be able to see images once you move the camera around. If you look through the palm of your hands, eyes, you can see those small details that we can’t see with our naked eyes.

Q: What is the best endoscope app for Android?

A: USB Endoscope Camera, DEPSTECH 720P for Android. It allows you to see beyond those tiny things in your sofa corners, bathroom, and sewers. Its camera is ultra-thin at 0.33 mm that means it can go through narrow places. Since it is waterproof, you are sure it can handle anything related to water. On top of that, the LED lights help you see through dark places. 

Q: What is a Wi-Fi endoscope used for?

A: It is used to see places where a standard smartphone camera can’t see. The good thing is that it is connected through Wi-Fi, so there is no need to include another compatible app. You connect it with your Wi-Fi and view whatever you want with minimal hassle. The camera is waterproof meaning it can go through sewers, bathrooms as well as inspect motor vehicles, to name a few. 

Are cheap endoscopes any good?

They are not bad. If they have a camera that is standard at 1080p, then these endoscopes are an excellent bargain for the money. With such a camera, you can have any work done without severe problems. But a point to note is that they are not durable. So don’t expect them to serve you for long.

Our wrap up

We believe that the Best USB Endoscopes that have we have discussed in our article are good. The fact that one has more or different features doesn’t make it better. What makes a USB endoscope good is the ability to perform the tasks it is needed to complete. Apart from that, the components, compatible apps, pricing, durability, and all that should help you make an informed decision. As always, take your time to go through each review and decide what works for you. That is the only way you will be able to know their performances. With the guidelines that we have crafted, pick yours and enjoy your product.

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