Best Photography Blogs to Check Out

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to photography. You can never be quite sure if other people will understand you or your work as deeply as you do. However, when people do understand, that is when you can finally call yourself a great photographer.

In order to make your story heard through your photographs, here are some of the best photography blogs that you need to check out.

These blogs have it all: tips and tricks on photography and technique, reviews for different photography gears and also what gear is suitable for your needs, works and projects of different photographers or photography teams and also means on how to contact the photographer.

With all this being said, let’s get started!

Joe McNally Photography by Joe McNally

best photography blogs

In terms of best photography blogs, Joe McNally has definitely managed to create a blog which not only includes all of his amazing work but also photography tips.

PhotoFocus by Scott Bourne

best photography blogs

Scott Bourne is an internationally recognized figure in the photography business who released the PhotoFocus blog back in 1998. The blog contains a lot of information suited for both beginner and also more advanced photographers.


best photography blogs

PetaPixel is a blog lead by a team of photographers and photography enthusiasts which contains everything from photography news to reviews, inspiration and tutorials.

Chase Jarvis by Chase Jarvis

best photography blogs

Follow Cashe Jarvis’ blog to see his work from all around the world and get some inspiration for your work as well.

Jeremy Cowart by Jeremy Cowart

best photography blogs

On Jeremy Cowart’s bog you can find different projects in which he is or was involved, online classes, photography news and all other kinds of photography goodies.

Flak Photo by Andy Adams

best photography blogs

Andy Adams developed Flak Photo as a huge database with most of our contemporary photographers and their work. Find out photography tips and see what photography projects are currently on the go.

Strobist by David Hobby

best photography blogs

Strobist was founded by David Hobby and it is a blog that explains about all you need and all you need to know in order to become a great photographer.

Smoking Strobes by Michael Zelbel

best photography blogs

Michael Zelbel is a German photographer specialized in photography lighting and nudes. Smoking Strobes provides you with the perfect start in your photography journey, offering tips, tutorials and inspiration for your future projects.

Damien Franco Dot Com by Damien Franco

best photography blogs

Damien Franco’s blog is dedicated to online marketing and teaches you how to choose either the perfect marketing strategy or the perfect customers for your project.

Old Man in Motion by Bob Krist

best photography blogs

On Old Man in Motion by Bob Krist you will find articles on both photography technique and gear and surf through Bob Krist’s work over the years. This is a lecture you will certainly enjoy.


best photography blogs

Cameradojo is for anyone who wants to perfect their photography technique. This digital photography online school teaches you everything from the basics in photography to gearing and reviews.

Bert Stephani by Bert Stephani

best photography blogs

Bert Stephani is a full time photographer who tries to do his best when it comes to capturing emotion and the essence of life and he often succeeds. To see what I am talking about and visualize his work and projects, you need to check out his blog

Fine Art Photoblog

best photography blogs

Fine Art Photoblog has an entire team of photographers behind it who present their work through blogging. By checking out the website, you will find an impressive photo gallery filled with fine art photography. You also have the ability to search for different content on the blog and see new pictures uploaded daily.

Richard Bernabe Photography by Richard Bernabe

best photography blogs 17

Richard Bernabe is certainly an example to follow. He gave up his corporate job in 2003 in order to be able to pursue his true passion – photography. Since then, he has been travelling around the world capturing some of the most amazing wildlife moments. You can admire his work and journeys on his blog.

Stuck in Customs by Trey Ratcliff

best photography blogs

Trey Ratcliff is another travelling photographer who captures true beauty through his photos. You can find most of his work, tips and tutorials on his website and as he describes himself,

“I’m A Warm-Hearted, Old-School Gentleman Explorer With Really Cool Toys.”

By surfing through the personal information of these photographers and their blogs you will find out a surprising fact: almost none of them have pursued a career in photography from the beginning. Not only did they not see photography as a way to earn their living from the start, but some of them actually quit their jobs for their passion.

Given this fact, you should never consider yourself too old or too late to have a career in photography. No one knows everything from the beginning and time is considered a problem only by those who fear it. Do not be afraid of pursuing your dream, no matter what age, financial state or social life you have. As long as you know your goal and try everything you possibly can to try to reach it, it will all work out in the end and even if it doesn’t you will have the satisfaction that you have at least tried.

This was out top best photography blogs that you should consider following on a regular basis if you are more or less “addicted” to the visual art of photography.