The Best Photography Quotes Tumblr Has to Offer
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The Best Photography Quotes Tumblr Has to Offer

Most of us are familiar with Tumblr, even though the website is popular particularly in the under 25 age demographic. But the perks and duties of being a well-anchored photographer include staying up to speed with social media, therefore most photographers are also at least a bit familiar with Tumblr even if they’re in their 30s and above. Well, during your Tumblr browsing, you may have noticed a trend which is both hugely popular among its users as it is very friendly to us photographers: the making and remaking of photography quotes, which end up being posted on other social media hubs (like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) afterwards.

But to cut a long story short, here is a short list of the best photography quotes we found on Tumblr. You can use it as inspiration and, why not, you can also make the messages be quotes about photography and not just photography quotes, if you’d like. Don’t be afraid to play around: make the base black and white, use famous quotes by consecrated artists or writers or write your own message in your own voice.  It may sound like a cliché, but it’s true: as long as the message is heartfelt or witty or both, you’ll create the best photography quotes the internet has seen in a while. This is our list of 10 inspiring examples to get your mind started on it.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: The Nostalgic Moment

photography quotes tumblr

Nothing triggers an emotional response in people as fast as something which induces nostalgia. Whether it’s for one’s childhood, as in the example above, or for lost love or whatever, feeling nostalgic opens people up to the beauty of a photo-captured moment.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: The Powerful Emotional Message, Set on an Airy/Dreamy or Colorful Background

photography quotes tumblr

If the love or life quote is short, it’s even better, since it drives the point home faster.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: The Black and White Background

photography quotes tumblr

The same short and catchy emotional message can be written on a black-and-white background for a touch of class.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: The Poetic Photo with a Norm-Defying Message

photography quotes tumblr

Few things are prettier than a colored powder flying through the air, and it makes the perfect background for an inspirational quote about being yourself or being different.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: A Nature Scene Meant to Induce Calm (or Something Else)

photography quotes tumblr

If the straight to the point quote is aimed at helping the viewer let go, no picture could be more appropriate for it than one of the sea.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: The One with a Pretty Human Presence

photography quotes tumblr

A beautiful woman, even if she’s photographed from behind, can be the perfect background to strong inspirational messages or relationship advice quotes. Facebook is the best and most complete proof of this.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: The Arts and Crafts Featured in a Photo

photography quotes tumblr

Perhaps because everything tends to be so digitalized, internet users seem to be very moved when they see a picture of something which evokes hand work, if it’s framed and set in a beautiful way. Maybe it’s the yearning for real contact, maybe it’s the creative feel of it, it’s doesn’t matter. This kind of photo is yet again a very good background, especially for advice quotes. In this case, and the following images as well till the end of our list, it’s all not just photography quotes, but quotes about photography.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: The Simple Background for a Thought-Stimulating Message

photography quotes tumblr

This great photography quote doesn’t really need much more than its own wit to stand out.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: The Vintage-Style Image.

photography quotes tumblr

Vintage inspired images are another crowd favorite it seems, and the photography quotes market caught up to it.

Photography Quotes Tumblr: The Handwriting

photography quotes tumblr

A cute and funny way to deliver a quite is by simply writing it down in a pretty way and photographing it.

All in all, we hope you enjoyed our list of photography quotes from Tumblr and that you’ll maybe take some time to play around with your own photos, eventually. It may not seem like a very serious thing to do, but art often requires a break from seriousness. Have fun and unwind, you never know how popular your photography quotes can get.

Why Photography Is a Great Hobby

Anyone Can Do It

Are you looking for a creative outlet? Photography is an incredibly creative activity to take up. The best part is that in this day and age, you can become a photographer no matter who you are and what kind of access you have to photography equipment. Everyone can be a photographer with the level of quality we have on our smartphones. We carry a little camera in our pocket all the time.

But even if you wanted to do more professional photography, you really could easily. Cameras are not too expensive and there’s a whole world out there that can help you edit and take your pictures. Once you get into this hobby, it’s hard to go back. I would not consider myself a professional photographer in the least, but I would consider photography one of my favorite hobbies.

I take pictures of everything from sunsets to books to incredible views and simple and mundane things. Anything that catches my eye and holds a level of beauty that I admire I will take a picture of. This is the way for me to capture the moment and to showcase creativity. With the social media apps that we have now, it is easy to share all the images that you take and showcase the beauty that is all around you.

If you don’t believe you are creative enough to do this or you would not deem yourself a professional, don’t let that make you shy away from taking up photography as a side hobby. You never know, you might enjoy it enough to where it turns into a profession.

It’s Fun to Edit

Next, to taking the pictures, my favorite thing to do is edit. I love to mess around with all the different levels of light, brightness, contrast, saturation graininess, sharpness, etc. It is exciting to be able to tweak your photos into whatever you would like them to look like. You can easily do this on an iPhone with apps, or on a PC.

For me personally, I enjoy reading as my sole hobby. I have always been immersed in the world of books and have always wanted to share that love with others. As a book reviewer, avid reader, and lover of words, I decided to start a social media page dedicated to books. I post everything from book reviews to where I am reading. This requires me to take tons and tons of pictures of books and experiences with books.

I have become quite the little photographer of books and my favorite part is not only taking the pictures but being able to edit them to fit my specific aesthetic on my book social media page. Now my favorite hobbies include reading, editing photos, and posting on this account and interacting with others. Photography can lead you into an incredible community and connection with others, as well as other areas of life that you will truly enjoy. It opens up a huge world for you.

It Captures Moments

Memories are simply moments that have passed that we hold onto in a nostalgic way. Being able to take photos means that you can capture your family and friends and all the people and places and things you love in a single, frozen moment.

You will be able to look back and treasure those moments instead of having to wait to take a family photoshoot with an expensive professional photographer. You will not just have pictures of extravagant moments like weddings, but you will have photos of the small parts of your honeymoon that could be forgotten or your children playing at a park. This is the beauty of hobbyist photography.

Live in the Moment + Experience MORE

Photography is something of an oxymoron. It helps you to not only be able to live where you are, when you are, by capturing small details that you might have otherwise overlooked. But it also helps you to want to explore more and see new heights.

Since I’ve taken on photography and editing, I now create adventures everywhere and look forward to going on trips or seeing new things because I’m excited for the pictures I will take and be able to edit later. It has also made me more present and mindful of my current moments. Being able to look back on photos I’ve taken gives me a sense of inspiration and gratitude and taking the photos helps me to be present at the moment I am in and capture exactly the feel and the glory of it.

The Possibles Are Endless

With hobby photography, there are no rules. You can be as creative as you would like. You can definitely learn how to follow rules such as rules of exposure or light or which angles will get you the best shot, but if you are just doing this for creative expression, there are really no rules as to how abstract you should make it. With hobbies, it’s always nice when there are not many limits put on you. Being able to try pretty much anything in any scene and any type of shot really allows you to creatively express yourself fully.

You’ll Learn Something New

Once we grow up, we tend to fall off the wagon where we try new things. We begin getting complacent with our 9-to-5 job and all of the things that we have to do. As children, we were trying new things all the time. New sports, new creative endeavors, new hobbies, and activities. It’s time to bring some of that exploration back.

Learning something new has been proven to fight off diseases that can come on later in life. Things like dementia and other memory loss issues can be heightened because the person was not constantly learning. I don’t know about you, but I want to be a constant learner. I want to always be trying something new.

With photography, you are challenging yourself to learn how to do something you’ve never done before. And there and so many classes you can take or friends you can ask for tips. You can try different techniques or use different types of equipment or go to workshops or even find various projects you would enjoy to shoot. There’s so much information out there you can learn and things to try with photography.

Final Thoughts on Photography Quotes Tumblr

No matter if you’re a fan of Tumblr or of this trend – which we admit can get a bit annoying, especially if your whole news feed gets over-crowded with lame messages stamped on cliché photos – you should see it as an opportunity. As a hobbyist photographer aspiring to break it into the pro league, the photography quotes trend can be a wonderful opportunity for you to promote your artwork. Just make a catchy image using one of your own photos, and then distribute it widely and hope it catches on, never forgetting to mention yourself in the credits somewhere. Don’t worry, even if the picture will be copied with no mention of its original source, the Google Images search algorithm will identify the source as you in no time, as long as you post the altered image on your blog first, before distributing it on social networks.

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