Book Review: Anne Geddes An Autobiography

I’ve always been a huge fan of Anne Geddes.

In the late 90’s as our studio was growing, I attended a seminar in Las Vegas in which Anne spoke. I was inspired by her images, and loved her passion for babies. Even though we were specializing in weddings, it was easy to take some of her passion and apply it to what we were doing as well.

Anne continues to be one of my favorite photographers, so naturally I was excited about reading her newest book, Anne Geddes, An Autobiography. I just finished it – and wow. It’s amazing to see many of her images, and learn how she creates some of her most famous images.

This book is truly an inspiration for any photographer.

Like many of us, she started out in a “job” that simply didn’t suit her. She found her talent as a photographer, and started out small photographing children. She photographed children as her business, and took a few fun images for herself to begin developing her talents. And once she found what she truly loved – creating incredible baby art images for use in products like gift books and calendars – there was no holding her back.

She never forgets the love and fragility of a child, and reminds us several times throughout the book of the power of a photograph. It helps us with memories that otherwise we often never would have.

If you haven’t added this book to your library, get it now. I guarantee it will inspire you as a photographer for many years to come.


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