Can You Find A Future In Cinemagraphy?

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

As people move around the school, the one thing you can’t help but notice is the photographs. Large and looming, many of the images became an integral part of the overall story line. They were helpful, motivating, resourceful and comforting.

Yet these weren’t just normal photographs. When you peered at each image, they actually moved. The person would walk to and fro, and in sometimes actually communicate with the person viewing it.

And while it seemed like something made for the movies, for others it appeared to be a new approach to business.

Using high speed photography and technology, some are now turning to a new trend in creating a photograph – and turning them into cinemagraphs.

These images are more than animated images; they are taking photographs to a new realm. A cinemagraph isn’t a photograph and isn’t a video. It lies in between capturing a living moment in time and how that moment was experienced.

The idea originally started when photographer Jamie Beck partnered with graphic artist Kevin Burg, and Cinemagraphs was born. The two collaborated and decided to take the concept of photography to a new level that would forever change the way we look at photography. Visit both sites – Cinemagraphs and From Me To You to see their work in action. They’ve taken their work to many commercial and fashion accounts, including Ralph Lauren and an appearance in Lucky Magazine.

Can you find success at cinemagraphy? For these two, the answer is yes.

And because of their success, its rubbing off on others.

You Have To Start Somewhere

Hugh Rutherford

Vickan Flickan

Yuki Cinemagraph

Ready to give it a try? Check out this tutorial.

Or if you are PC, try out the app Cliplets from Microsoft

Then let us see your work. Comment here and share.

2 thoughts on “Can You Find A Future In Cinemagraphy?”

  1. Jamie and Kevin do wonderful work, and are extremely talented people. Their images are hauntingly beautiful and evocative of a simpler time…

    We have automated the process of creating high-frame-rate animated .gifs – to find out more, check out

    Oh, yes…just as a footnote, our founder, Doug RIchardson, was doing the “Cinemagraph” style of animated .gif – with dramatic isolation of motion to small specific segments of the image – back in 2005…


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