Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Maybe you’ve built a blog and typed up a few posts. Maybe you’ve been working with your blog for several months. Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out what a blog is. Wherever you’re at, what if I told you businesses just like yours are making money right this very moment with their blogs – and you can too.

To get started, you blog must have 5 things in place to attract attention.

1. Focus your blog on one particular part of your niche.

2. Add quality content to your blog regularly.

3. Make your content visible throughout the Internet. Your blog is a feeder to other parts of the Internet – you must connect all the pieces to make it work.

4. Choose a quality blog to put your content on. Your own customized blog will offer your more freedom over the long haul.

5. Have your readers take an interest in what you do.

Once your blog is in place and you’ve been working at it, its time to make it work for you. Use these 5 tools to make your blog profitable.

1. Promote your own products. Just because your providing quality information doesn’t mean you can’t promote yourself once in awhile. Just don’t overdo it.

2. Promote other products. If you have a great recommendation, direct your readers to the website. Sign up for affiliate programs, when appropriate.

3. Use Google Adsense to deliver text and image ads along with your blog content.

4. Provide links to niche books you enjoy. Amazon has a great referral program that allows you to easily put links to book recommendations (and other products) right in your copy.

5. Allow others to advertise on your blog. When you build up your content, and gain popularity, people will begin contacting you.


Build your own blog now – it’s easy.

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