Canon Powershot SX710 Review

In a world where everyone carries a camera in the form of a smartphone, it is refreshing to know that point-and-shoot cameras still have a place. Phone cameras don’t always offer everything a dedicated camera does, especially when it comes to optical zoom. The Canon Powershot SX710 offers the optical zoom you would need when documenting recitals, vacations, plays and more. Released as part of Canon’s range of travel-zoom cameras in 2015, the Canon SX710 promises to deliver everything you’d need from a responsive and easy to use the camera. In this Canon Powershot SX710 review, we seek to find out whether it lives up to that promise.

canon sx710 hs digital camera

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General Specifications

Before diving into the detailed part of the Canon Powershot SX710 review, here is a look at the camera’s features.

Type: Travel-zoom digital camera
Resolution: 20.2 megapixels
ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
Shutter speed: 1/3200 seconds to 15 seconds
Continuous shooting rate: up to 60 frames per second
Size: 112.7 x 65.8 x 34.8 mm
Weight: 269 grams
Media storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC cards

Key Features

The Canon Powershot SX710 is a phenomenal camera that comes with a 30x lens that captures distant objects and wide angles with ease. It shoots 1080p footage at 60fps, and like most Canon cameras, it has inbuilt WiFi. The Digic 6 processor is popular among DSLR cameras from the same company. Many customers even cited their love for the camera’s ability to capture still photos with filters applied. This section of the Canon Powershot SX710 review takes a closer look at what the camera has to offer.

Image Quality and Performance

The Canon Powershot SX710 performs as well as you could expect from a low-priced DSLR. The image quality in low light conditions is iffy at best while performance breaks down at the far ends of the zoom range. The images shot at low ISO sensitivities show a little amount of image smoothening. It’s best to avoid shooting at the maximum ISO setting as images appear smudgy. Detail isn’t susceptible to noise reduction smoothing, and the bright color reproduction gives photos added appeal. The white balance is reliable and the exposure metering – flawless.

This Canon Powershot SX710 is also quick to note that you have the freedom of choosing any of seven sensitivity settings at full resolution to work with. You can change these settings using the Auto Mode or the creative shooting modes, which accomplish the task manually. The 30x lens achieves a maximum focal length of 25mm and telephoto reach of 750mm. This camera handles chromatic aberrations fairly well, and the flash is relatively weak as it only works within a 3.5m range. Additionally, the maximum shutter speed of 15 seconds allows the Canon Powershot SX710 to take really good night still photos.

Design and Controls

Another important aspect to explore in this Canon Powershot SX710 review is the camera’s design and handling. The Canon Powershot SX710 has a small mode dial at the back that allows you to switch between exposure modes. You can use the Up directional key to scrolling dial to change the lens aperture as well as shutter speed. The function button in the middle of the rotating dial comes handy when you need to access the quick menu. There is a dedicated button that you can utilize when activating or deactivating WiFi. On the left side of the camera, you’ll find the Zoom Framing Assist button that makes it possible to temporary zoom out so that you can frame the shot.

The Canon Powershot SX710 is a compact unit whose shape resembles that of a squashed bar of soap. It’s a little thicker compared to most and features round protrusion that houses the 30x lens. The plastic hump has a leatherette insert and allows you to maintain a good grip while keeping the camera steady. While it isn’t a touch screen, the 3″ LCD with 922,000 pixels of resolution is a nice touch.


  • Bright and sharp LCD screen.
  • Autofocus is sharp in most shooting circumstances.
  • Quality images when shooting at night or in the outdoors.
  • Wide angle 30x lens in a thin camera.
  • Great image quality considering the Canon Powershot SX710 only has a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor.
  • Intuitive menu is easy to navigate.
  • WiFi and NFC compatible.


  • Lacks a viewfinder.
  • It’s more expensive than similar models.
  • Battery life is less than average.
  • Performance reduces when using flash.
  • Almost identical to the preceding Powershot SX700.


Any Canon Powershot SX710 review wouldn’t be complete without noting what kind of users would best benefit from the camera. The Canon Powershot SX710 is a good investment for someone who wouldn’t mind spending almost $350 on a point-and-shoot camera with a wide angle lens. Its inability to shoot raw files discourages some enthusiasts from purchasing this camera. The lightweight and compact design make it a good option for those who travel regularly as well. From beginners to seasoned photographers, the Canon Powershot SX710 is worth buying.

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The Canon Powershot SX710 offers increased faster burst shooting rates, 5-axis video stabilization and increased Auto Zoom options. However, the image quality is a little worse compared to its predecessor. This isn’t something one would expect from a newer camera that comes at a high cost. Shooting in bright light guarantees impressive detail, dynamic range and color reproduction. As this Canon Powershot SX710 review comes to an end, we would like to point out that this travel-zoom camera is well-designed and worth the money.

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