12 Tricks And Green Screen Software Tutorials

Green Screen Room

Image via pexels Personal computers, ubiquitous smartphone video cameras, and video upload services like YouTube have put once prohibitively expensive/technical filmmaking tools into virtually everyone’s hands. This includes the use of software that replaces complicated production processes. Green screening, an effect that once required elaborate processing, is now bundled in green screen software packages that … Read more

Senior Pictures Ideas: The 12 Photographic and Creative Ideas

senior pictures ideas

The senior year of high school is one of the most exciting times in a teenager’s life. They’re still in the safety of home but on the brink of exploring the world for the first time. A big part of this time and the best way to commemorate this exciting year is a great set … Read more

Family Picture Ideas: 12 Ideas to Give your Photos More Relaxed and Natural Vibes

family picture ideas

With the proliferation of camera phones, anyone can take a photo, and with the amazing quality of the lenses on the most recent generation of smartphones, it’s easy to take a good one. Nevertheless, with all the suggestions out there for family picture ideas, it can be difficult to decide what to do, and the … Read more

Abstract Photography: Inspiration & Useful Tips

Abstract art is among the most difficult to define art currents, and abstract photography is no exception. Often referred to as experimental, non-objective, concrete or conceptual, abstract photography depicts an image that doesn’t hold an immediate connection with the object, tangible world. It may include a fragment of the natural world, a deliberately staged setting, … Read more

Minimalist Photography: Less is More

minimalist photography

Minimalist photography emphasizes the power of simplicity and stimulates imagination through simplicity as opposed to standard photography. Therefore, minimalist photography can have profound meaning if you understand its underlying principles. Successful minimalist photography can be achieved by following the simple rule of less is more. The minimal photographer transforms simplicity intro art and is a master in the craft of subtlety. … Read more

Kirlian Photography: The Myth & Technique Debunked

Kirlian photography refers to a series of techniques that are both fascinating and controversial. Discovered by Semyon Kirlian in 1939, this type of photography is based on the phenomenon known as electrical coronal discharge. The resulting images present the subjects surrounded by colorful so-called “auras,” which led people to interpret the products of these techniques … Read more