The Best Photography Quotes Tumblr Has to Offer

The Best Photography Quotes Tumblr Has to Offer

Most of us are familiar with Tumblr, even though the website is popular particularly in the under 25 age demographic. But the perks and duties of being a well-anchored photographer include staying up to speed with social media, therefore most photographers are also at least a bit familiar with Tumblr even if they’re in their … Read more

How To Make A Photography Portfolio: Creative Piece Of Art

How to make a photography portfolio

You’ve reached the point where you have some confidence in your photography skills and are looking to expand your horizons. Whether you are looking for clients or applying for college courses, one of the most important steps is putting together a body of work to present for review. This body of work is called a … Read more

Top Features Of The New Sony A7000 For Enthusiasts And Professionals

Sony a7000 photography

Sony is a major player in the field of electronics and is always pushing the envelope with new products and features, giving Canon a run for its money with advances and innovations. Sony cameras are known for the quality, attention to detail, and features that users want. In fact, rumors began in 2014 that there … Read more

7 Tips on How to Advertise Wedding Photography Business

wedding photographer's blog

Advertising is one of the most important parts of a business. A high quality product isn’t worth much if nobody knows it exists. Thankfully, advertising comes easier for some professions than others. Photographers often find themselves surprised by how many options they have for low cost advertising. In the following article we’ll consider how to … Read more

Top 7 Online Marketing Tools for Photographers

Marketings is a necessity within any profession. But some professions have a harder time of it than others. Photographers face some unique marketing challenges. One of the most significant issues is the visual nature of photography. High quality visual marketing wasn’t very feasible until quite recently. But the Internet now provides some exciting opportunities for … Read more

Starting a Photography Business: Practical Ideas

  Dear readers, starting a photography business today is no piece of cake. But we are here to share experiences, ideas and successful tricks. As we have already discussed the basic steps you need to consider when starting your business, we want to bring forward practical ideas on how to enhance your chances on the … Read more

How to Boost Your Photography Business: Top 5 Resources

Do you want to improve your marketing skills and boost your photography business? Here are just a few amazingly cheap resources you can benefit of to enhance your business performance. Top 5 Resources to Boost Your Business Performance We often associate marketing resources with complicated strategies and methods that can be developed and applied only … Read more