Top 8 Film Photography Tips and How to

Even if most people use digital photography nowadays, that doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard the wonders of film photography. Technology might have made our lives more comfortable and our pictures look better because of the filters that you can apply to them, but there are some film photography benefits that no recent technology … Read more

Astrophotography 101: How to Shoot for the Stars

man night sky astrophotography

Are you ready to learn the ins and outs of astrophotography? Photography enthusiasts and even professional photographers usually take their cameras out during the daytime. It’s quite easy to get your shot just right with all that light to illuminate your subject and prevent noise or blurry pictures. During nighttime, however, things get more complicated, … Read more

DSLR Astrophotograpy: A Difference in Style

dslr astrophotography milky way shot

DSLR astrophotography is the easiest way to get started with capturing the mysterious deep sky. Digital single-lens reflex cameras are the most versatile, and you can go from shooting portraits in the daylight to taking pictures of stars, galaxies, nebulae, and other astronomical objects, in the nighttime. DSLR astrophotography has opened doors for everyone interested … Read more

Astrophotography Equipment Guide: Everything Useful

telescope with a dslr attached

Astrophotography equipment means anything from a camera to an image editing software. Your astrophotography kit can contain dozens of devices, some affordable, some quite expensive. This is one of, if not the most, costly field of photography. You will want to start off with the basics, but in the end, after you completely fall in … Read more

Astrophotography Software – Capturing and Editing the Stars

photoshop astrophotography software

Astrophotography software helps you add that little extra touch that helps your equipment obtain the best results possible, or helps you in your post-processing stage. Even the most skilled photographer cannot rely only on the capabilities of its camera, telescope, autoguider, and other astronomical imaging devices. Once you have invested in your astro-equipment, it’s time … Read more

Best Telescope for Astrophotography – How to Choose Your Scope

best telescope for astrophotography

Already looking for the best telescope for astrophotography? This means that you are ready to go on your celestial journey and shoot for the stars. Astrophotography is a beautiful hobby to take interest in, whether you want to keep it at a basic level or get serious about it. Either way, there’s no escaping you … Read more

Best Lens For Wedding Photography

best lens for wedding photography

There is no single best lens for wedding photography. This type of work requires a great deal of versatility on the part of the photographer, and naturally that means a mix of photography gear. As weddings can either be an indoor or an outdoor event (or a combination of both), in addition to the fact … Read more

Resources to Take Pregnancy Photography to the Next Level

"pregnancy photography pregnancy photography ideas pregnancy photography nyc pregnancy photography poses nude pregnancy photography pregnancy announcement photography photography pregnancy family pregnancy photography intimate pregnancy photography black and white"

Pregnancy photography isn’t just about scoring the sharpest photo of a mother carrying her child. It’s about being part of the bringing of a new life into this world. Once you do understand that, it will be easy to take pregnancy photography to the next level and truly amaze the people hiring you for it. … Read more