The Nikon D50: User Friendly and Packed With Features

Whether you are just getting into photography or you want a compact option to add to your collection, the Nikon D50 could just want you are looking for. This camera is similar to the popular D70, but it has some changes that allow it to stand out on its own as a fine piece of … Read more

Fujifilm X100T – The Camera for the Photo Geek in All of Us

Fujifilm X100T  Pros & Cons   The Fujifilm X100T line has had devotees from the beginning, and it’s easy to see why. It’s simple to learn, takes consistently high-quality photos, and is easy to carry. The Hybrid Viewfinder makes it easy to frame the perfect shot and see just what the camera sees. The manual controls … Read more

Top Sony Cameras: Rankings, Ratings and Reviews

We have put together a reliable list of the top Sony camera on the market today.

Whether you are a professional photographer professional photographer or an avid hobbyist, you must have the right camera to help you achieve your photography goals. While you have hundreds of options, you may have narrowed your search down to Sony cameras. That makes sense, since 1996, the Japanese-based company has developed a well-earned reputation for … Read more

Get More Exposure for Your Work: Curate a Themed Gallery

Get More Exposure for Your Work: Curate a Themed Gallery

Struggling to make a name for yourself as a (relatively) young photographer is quite challenging, as we all know. One of the main challenges of this convoluted process is developing your own voice. In an age where visual information seems to prime and the old cliché about a picture being “worth a thousand words” seems … Read more

Combine Two Photography Niches to Be Unique

Combine Two Photography Niches to Be Unique

Struggling to make the transition from an amateur photographer to a pro can be a tough job as it is. Creating a compelling portfolio, acquiring a client pool and managing it properly, creating a name for yourself, struggling to get new gigs and the credibility that comes with them… it’s already hard, right? But besides … Read more

YouTube Video Optimization for Photographers: 5 Tricks

If you’re a professional photographer, not only do you (hopefully) have an online showcase of your work, as well as a website and a regularly updated blog – but you are also active on social media and know a thing or two about SEO. Now, content optimization for search engines is neither brain surgery, nor … Read more

Success Stories: How to Create Your Own Photography Niche

In a day and age where social media and other media consumption habits gear users toward a torrent of visual information, how does a commercial photographer go about creating a lucrative business? The answer, according to more than just one accomplished pro photog, lies in knowing how to create your own photography niche. This is, … Read more

Survivor’s Guide: How to Sell Your Photography in the Digital Age

If you’ve been in the pro photography business for at least a decade (or even several years), it most definitely hasn’t escaped you how much the business, industry, and, ultimately, the art of taking pictures, have changed during this time. Hark back in time some more, if you will, and you’ll note that the changes … Read more