Photoshop Tutorial – Layer Comps

Photoshop Tutorial - Layer Comps

Have you ever created a multi graphic image layout and wanted to see how modifications would change the feel of the design? Layer Comps allow you to modify a layout quickly while offering design freedom within the same work piece. Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to use Photoshop layer comps and scripts to save … Read more

Photoshop Tutorial – Retouching Blemishes

Photoshop Tutorial - Retouching Blemishes

One of the most time exhausting areas of photography is using Photoshop on every image, and retouching small items like blemishes. There are many tips, tricks, and techniques for improving skin tone and covering up blemishes, and one of my favorites is by using Photoshop’s healing brush and patch tool. You can blend unwanted areas … Read more

Developing a Raw File with Photoshop

Developing a Raw File with Photoshop

As a photographer, do you shoot in raw capture mode? According to some of our recent surveys, the majority of photographers do. Raw images take large camera sensors and plenty of storage. But with todays digital equipment, file storage has become incredibly inexpensive.

Raw files allow photographers to adjust settings like exposure, color and saturation after the image is captured, giving you the ability to always go back to the original file if you decide to do something different. If you are new to processing Raw images, check out this video. Processing can take time; but with a little knowledge and expertise, you can quickly finish editing and move on to your next photo shoot. Check out this video:

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Photoshop Retouching Tutorial

Photoshop Retouching Tutorial

It’s fun presenting a portrait to a client where they absolutely love the results. They look good. They wore their favorite outfit. And they loved the entire process. Part of creating an amazing portrait is retouching. Blemishes, stray hairs, small lines and wrinkles all can “disappear”, giving the client more than they bargained for in … Read more