Get 5 Thousand Friends And Make Millions Today … Really?

Every morning I have a routine. I run through my email, head over to my Google Reader to see what’s new, and spend some time on my social sites. And every day I see headlines like this:

  • Get 5 Thousand Friends On Facebook Today
  • Make A Million Dollars In 24 Hours By Doing This
  • Go From $0 to $1 Million In 30 Days


I don’t know about you, but I hit the delete button without thinking twice.

I know in today’s economy its easy to get sucked in by those headlines. Especially if you’re familiar with a person, have been following them for a while, and they are promising something that almost seems too good to be true.

But is all of that really possible? After being in business for myself for 20 years now, I have to say the answer is no.

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How To Use The Facebook Like Button

One year ago this week, Facebook launched the Like Button feature hoping to spread its social footprint all over the web. It’s worked. With over 50,000 websites installing the Like feature into their sites within the first week, and 10,000 sites adding the like button every day, its literally changing the way we search online.

If you’re using Facebook for your photography business, you know how to use the like button with the Facebook site. A few days ago I gave you tips on building up your Facebook Page. And while its great to connect with potential customers on Facebook, your Facebook account is free. Which means it can morph and change over time, and there is nothing you can do about it.

If you want to continue growing your business and taking control over how your build your client base, owning your own web presence is the only way to go. And with the Facebook Like button, it’s easy to work the two together to gain even more traction.

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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page

One common question I often hear from photographers that are new to the social media world is, “How do I know if I will have any luck bringing in new customers with social media tools like Facebook?”

While it’s easy to ask the question, answering it can be somewhat more difficult.

As a business owner, we’ve grown to love numbers. So we play with our stats and watch our numbers every day, making changes when we don’t achieve what we think we should. But with social media, it’s a little more difficult to put numbers to everything we do. Does it always matter how many people “like” our page? Not always. Sometimes it’s more about quality, and less about the actual numbers.

What if you have 100 likes, and your fans are active and engaged, adding into the discussion every day? Wouldn’t that be much more beneficial than having 1,000 likes with no visits and zero interaction?

As a photographer, start out small and make improvements along the way. Don’t pay attention to the numbers as you grow; instead focus on making your Page a place where people visit on a regular basis. Here are 5 easy ways to improve your Facebook page.

1. Add value.

What makes people visit again and again? They are interested in the information you provide. Nobody likes to read sales pitches, and company information again and again. If you find yourself always directing people to your sales literature, offering special promotions, and in general trying to sell to the people who like your Page, think again. People love to interact and discover more about you first. Share your insight. Showcase your expertise. The more you share, the more valuable your Page will be, and the more people will want to join in on the discussion.

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4 Ways To Use The New Facebook

It seems like Facebook is always tweaking and making some kind of change. But recently Facebook made some changes that are particularly beneficial to small business owners. Let’s look at some of the newest features and how they can help you become more attuned to your followers, and reach out to them in a better … Read more

Facebook – The New Idea Generator

Are you a part of our Facebook Page? Yesterday we hit 5,000 fans, so it was a big day for us here. We’ve only been working on increasing our fans for the past month, and now that we’ve reached our goal of 5,000, its time for a new goal. 10,000 here we come.

When you make a conscious effort on using something to help build your business, you quickly see it sprout into life. You look for ways to use it better, help more clients, reach out to more customers, and in general provide more information.

That’s what we’ve found as we made a conscious effort to use Facebook as a part of our marketing. Because we focus on using it every day, we’re also on the lookout for ways to use it better.

Facebook reaches out far beyond the typical marketing tool because you can do so many things with it. Sure, you can tell and show people what you do. But you can ask questions, listen to what people are talking about, and come up with some phenomenal ideas.

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How To Grow Your Photography Business With Facebook – The Best Demographics In The World

Have you ever sent out a postcard for your photography business using a mailing list? Then you know a little about demographics. You can work with the company and choose a list from a variety of options: location, sex, age, interests. If you want high school seniors for a certain zip code, not a problem. If you want people that subscribe to certain magazines, not a problem. It can be a very effective tool for reaching out to a particular target audience.

Now there is even something better. It’s called Facebook. Here’s why.

When you signed up for your Facebook account, think about all the information you put into your profile.

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Photographers Are You Blocking The Print Feature On Facebook?

Do you know how easy it is for your friends in Facebook to print out your photographs at a local big box store such as Walmart or Target? I just read an interesting blog post over at A Photo Editor on printing your Facebook photos, and wanted to bring the conversation over here as well. … Read more

The Good and Bad of Facebook’s Photography Service

The Good and Bad of Facebook’s Photography Service

Read a great article today – Pros and cons to Facebook’s fast growing role in digital photography.

According to this article, estimates are that 42 billion photos will be printed worldwide in 2013, a third fewer than the 63 billion printed in 2008. And if it maintains its momentum, Facebook will probably host the biggest share of these Facebook Photography Serviceimages.

Because everyone has a digital camera these days, it’s easy to snap a photo, plug it into your USB, and download it to Facebook. Then you can tag and share your photos with all of your friends, thus eliminating the need to print them off to hand to your friends personally.

Because consumers are driving the Facebook craze, it’s easy to see how this will also affect professional photographers in the long run as well. When someone comes in for a professional portrait, they may want the traditional framed images and albums, but more and more they are also going to want photos to share on their Facebook account with family and friends.

I’ve talked with photographers on all sides of this issue. Because most photographers end up giving a CD/DVD with the digital files on it, more professional photos have and will end up on Facebook, whether you want them to or not.

The problem really doesn’t come from integrating this new technology into your professional portrait pricing, it comes with educating your clients on the ramifications of using Facebook for photography. Back to the article from above:

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Get Clients: How Photographers Are Using Facebook and Twitter

In early December 2009, I went out and asked photographers to contribute their best Facebook and Twitter tips and advice on how you can use these tools to help grow your photography business. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I accepted tips from photographers all over the world, and deeply enjoyed hearing … Read more

Tonight’s The Night – Facebook Moves To The Future

Tonight’s The Night – Facebook Moves To The Future

If you tell someone how to find you on most of the social sites, it’s usually pretty easy. Want to connect on Twitter? I’m @LoriOsterberg How About LinkedIn? You can find me at Now try Facebook. Up until today, it’s always been difficult letting people know how to find you. At 12:01 am EDT … Read more