Photoshop Tips: 10 Advance Photoshop Tips to Become Better

photoshop tips

Advertisements, huge billboards, magazine photos, and pretty much every other professional photography example goes through the magic process of image editing. You may already be familiar with Adobe’s Photoshop, but still don’t know how to make your photos look, well, not amateur. Everyone started from the bottom, so don’t be discouraged. All it takes to … Read more

Senior Pictures Ideas: The 12 Photographic and Creative Ideas

senior pictures ideas

The senior year of high school is one of the most exciting times in a teenager’s life. They’re still in the safety of home but on the brink of exploring the world for the first time. A big part of this time and the best way to commemorate this exciting year is a great set … Read more

9 Film Photography Tips

With the increasing demand for digital camera and success of smartphone cameras, many forget that traditional film cameras still make their way in the world. Although they are more popular with shooting film for artists, they can be fun to use when taking vintage photos. In this article, we will explore our top nine film … Read more

12 Birth Photography Tips

Photographing a birth is a great way to create a timeless keepsake of new life, and there are many precious moments and expressions to be captured. But that doesn’t mean that birth photography is simple or straightforward, so here are some birth photography tips to help you out if you’re thinking to document birth. 1. … Read more

16 Architectural Photography Tips

It may seem easy enough to take a photo of a building, but once you’re actually looking up at a gleaming high-rise with reflections everywhere and vertical lines distorting your scale, you’ll realize the true difficulty involved. Here are a few architectural photography tips to help you move past “oh no!” and into “oh, yeah, … Read more

11 Corporate Portrait Photography Tips

Taking a corporate portrait can be tricky business for amateur photographers. In this article, we will be going over our top 11 corporate portrait photography tips to getting the perfect shot and make your photos stand out. We will go through basic technical details like like lightning and exposure, as well as location, backgrounds, and how to encourage your subjects to be comfortable and have the right attitude for a corporate portrait.

1. Decide on a Location

You’ll need to shoot at a place with plenty of light, but also shade to deflect the glare of the sun. For a better photo, you should look for spots where there is soft light, where there are gentler transitions and fewer shadows. You can use an umbrella to deflect natural light to your subjects. If the customers decide they want portraits taken outside, the best time of day to shoot your corporate photo is an overcast day; when the sun is highest in the sky, look for a shaded location where you can place your photo’s subject.

Portrait Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

  • Valind, Erik (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 264 Pages - 03/25/2014 (Publication Date) - Peachpit Press (Publisher)

Photographing Headshots: Techniques for Lighting and Posing the Close-Up

  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • English (Publication Language)
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12 Street Photography Tips for Candid Shots

Street photography is all about documenting everyday life and society within public places. You can practice street photography pretty much everywhere – on the road, in public squares, at the beach or park – you don’t have to travel to capture great shots. If you are new to street photography, we have compiled a list … Read more

10 Candid Photography Tips

old man feeding pigeons

Candid photography is highly admirable as it captures the moment as it is. These pictures focus on natural actions rather than having people pose for photos. Candid photography is becoming increasingly popular, which is why knowing how to take this style of photo accurately is imperative. There are several candid photography tips that you can follow … Read more

10 Great Photography Backdrops

Photography Backdrops

A photography backdrop consists of any combination of materials which you place behind the subject of your photos. The purpose is to add an artistic effect. Backdrops for photography are widely used by professional photographers in order to achieve artistic excellence with their photos, in both studios and homemade sets. They usually require the assembly of … Read more

16 Baby Photography Tips

black and white baby photo

Babies are some of the most beguiling and bewildering subjects that you can photograph. It’s worth the effort in the end, but it can sure be difficult in the moment! If you need a little help capturing high-quality stills of your snot monster, here are just a few basic baby photography tips. 1. Get Closer … Read more