Photography Flatland: A Wedding Deconstructed

Photography Flatland: A Wedding Deconstructed

When photographing a wedding, there are many elements to each object, person or event that we capture with our digital camera. This video takes a look at each and breaks them down in a creative way that showcases this wonderful event. A unique, behind the scenes view of a setup photo shoot in action:   … Read more

Hey Photographer – Are You A Storyteller?

One of the things that set us apart from other photographers early on was our storytelling. We didn’t believe photography was all we had to offer. Instead, we chose to take it to a different level and offer storytelling through our albums. We regularly sold three to five albums to our clients, so I guess … Read more

The Best Three Minutes – Be Motivated Today

If you work online for any length of time, you understand the risks of having access to just about everything right at your finger tips. Just today, I’ve visited several of my favorite blogs, checked out several news sites, visited Amazon and made a purchase, and got lost in Internet surfing as well. One of … Read more

Building A Cardboard Twin Lens Reflex Camera

Collect cameras? Then you probably have a Twin Lens Reflex Camera somewhere in your collection. Watch this amazing video to see how one designer creates an exact replica – out of cardboard. It has amazing attention to detail, and looks good enough to take on location to your next shoot.