7 Photography Management Software Programs To Make You More Efficient

7 Photography Management Software Programs To Make You More Efficient

Shoot Q Shoot Q, a division of Pictage, is a cloud based software program designed to help photographers automate their businesses. Login online from any computer in the world. There you’ll have access to all facets of your business. Track your sales leads, recording information that will help you convert them into clients. Create the … Read more

Photo Restoration Tips and Tricks

guest post by Leah Spencer

Modern digital restoration techniques and programs are excellent tools for restoring, preserving and archiving photographs. This way, the saved images are not subject to deterioration, water damage or aging effects that physical storage may otherwise cause. Here are some tried and tested tips that you may find useful while restoring old photographs.

Before Restoration:

After Restoration:

1) Use a good scanner

Scanning is the first step to successful restoration. It is important that you use a good quality scanner and set it to maximum resolution and color depth while digitizing your photos. Adjusting the lighting with your scanner will let you capture much more detail, and then use it for further improvisation using editing software. Also, scanning in color absorbs more information than black and white.

2) Work on copies

Before you begin editing your photos, it is advisable to make more than one copy of it. While restoring photographs, it is possible that you make some irreversible edits or errors.

3) Change to black and white

As far as photo restoration is concerned, black and white photos are generally considered easy to work with. If the photo is sepia, you may convert it to black and white using your photo editing software and then convert it back to sepia after restoration.

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Display Your Work In A Mosaic Frame

Display Your Work In A Mosaic Frame

A few days ago I introduced you to Moo.com. I love their cards and their ideas because they can make you stand apart from your competition, and make your prospects say, “wow”. Today I received an email introducing the Mosaic Frame to their U.S. customers. If you order a pack of mini-cards, you can place … Read more

8 Album Software and Design Applications

8 Album Software and Design Applications

As a high-end wedding photographer, I know the money isn’t in the shooting part of your business. It’s in the selling part of your business. And the easiest way to make a ton of money is to sell albums as opposed to packages and handing over the digital files.

For ideas on building and selling wedding albums software for mac, you may be interested in Photographing By The Page – The Only Way To Shoot A Wedding.

In order to build and sell large albums, you have to design large album templates before the sale in order for your clients to see what you do, and picture the final product in their minds.

Yes, you can design each page in Photoshop. But when you’re designing over 280 pages on speculation the way I did, you have to have something that makes the process more efficient.

Here are 8 album design programs that can help you design albums on speculation quicker.

Fundy Album Builder


Allows you to design and create your own layouts instead of using pre-established templates. Works for both PC and Mac. Offers a free trial download.
Album DS

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What Do I Use To Manage My Photographs and Help Control My Workflow?

Every week I get a variety of questions emailed to me. Over the past couple of weeks, this question has come up several times. “What Do I Use To Manage My Photographs and Help Control My Workflow?” Every photographer has their own set of tools they like for studio control. But if you’re new to … Read more

Photo Albums; How To Make A Professional Presentation

What makes a professional photographer stand above an amateur? It’s the way they present their products and their services to prospects and clients. Whether you photograph weddings, families, children or babies, adding a professional album to your list of services can showcase your photography in an elegant and impactful way. With each of our weddings, … Read more

Choosing An Album Company

Professional means not doing what the amateur can do. I visited a “professional” photographer’s website today. She specializes in babies and children. She photographs and provides the digital files for up to 50 images. Yours to keep. If you choose, you have the option of purchasing a memory book that she produces from iPhoto – … Read more