Change Your Perspective

When you’re out photographing a client, how do you photograph them?

Is it always from eye level? Or with a child, do you bend down and get at their eye level?

Now let’s add the wow factor.

What can you do to get an entirely different perspective?

What if you shot from above? Or lie down on the floor and shot up?

In our wedding photography, we always photographed the bride and groom for their first dance. And then we moved. If there’s a stage, jump up on it and wedding dance photographshoot down. Why not lay on the floor and shoot up? [Plus you’ll love the attention YOU get when you do these amazing things – people love it!]

Why not photograph the mom and dad watching the bride?

Why not photograph the band as they’re playing?

I just created 10 pages in an album – guaranteed sellers if you sell it the right way.

Are you getting these 10 pages into each of your albums? I’ll show you how…

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