Choosing The Right Name For Your Photography Business

I’ve had a ton of comments over the past few months about my article What Should I Name My Photography Business? Based on some of those comments I thought I would dive into the concept of choosing the right name for your photography business a little bit further.

naming my photo business
Choose one that’s unique
I know the word “unique” is overused, but in this case it’s true. In many cases a photographer will choose a relatively common name based on the type of photography they are going to promote, and wind up one of many with the same name. Now that we have the Internet, it’s easy to find out how unique your name is. Simply head over to Google and type in your choices – are there any other photographers using the same name?

Choose one allows you to grow

One of the reasons a ton of photographers choose their names is it allows for growth. You may love weddings today, but you may switch to children’s portraits in a few years. “Creative Weddings” may work today, but you’ll have to change your name in a few years. By choosing Jane Doe Photography, you can change at any time, rebrand yourself, and move forward into the area you choose.

Choose one that conveys the business you are creating
I’ve seen a ton of different names for photography businesses. While most keep them simple, some get wildly creative. It may be easy for you to understand, but to your prospects and clients, it can be confusing, and sometimes even a bit corny. If you want professional rates, and want a professional atmosphere, choose a name that conveys the image you’re trying to create.

Choose one where the domain name is available
The trouble with a lot of photography studios is they start with a cute name, start their business, and then discover there are dozens of photographers throughout the world using the same name.

Take a lesson from the musical group Linkin Park. When they formed their group, they based their name around originality. They had the idea of Lincoln Park, but found that all too common spelling was taken by a variety of other sources, including other bands. So they made a change, and Linkin Park was born. They were unique. They were original. They could be fully trademarked without any disputes. And they had no problem getting the domain name Very important in today’s world – you don’t want your customers ending up on another photographers’ website.

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  1. i have open studio shortly bt i m confused tht whts d name i gave to the studio coz i think peoples know me in behalf of studio’s name….. n also studio’s name is like very simple thts why people get fast click


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