Collaboration or Competition?

Most people go into business, and hide all of their ideas from their competition. They may join industry related groups, but they keep their core ideas and concepts hidden and well protected.After you’ve been in business a while, you soon discover that there is more business out there than is humanly possible to cover with one business. Instead, it’s much more exciting to join up with other businesses, and combine efforts to create a truly exciting business.Competition holds you down. Collaboration lets you fly higher than the stars.

Just today I spoke with what some may consider to be my competitor. However, he is focusing his efforts in a completely different direction. But he offers some side products that would combine with mine, and offer incredible tools to our clients. Instead of looking at him as competition, I’m now piecing part of his products with mine, and providing us both with increased sales potential.

Win/win for both businesses.

How can you link up with your competition, and provide incredible services for your clients?



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