Developing Your Photography Marketing Based On How Many Leads You Need To Generate


Marketing your business is something you work at every day. You send out mailings, you use your weWedding Photography Businessbsite, you advertise.

In many ways it’s the blast method. We blast out whatever marketing technique we’re currently using, and then wait for the response.

But have you ever stopped to think about your final results?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer, and your goal is to photograph 30 weddings per year. Why are you blasting information to hundreds – or even thousands of brides?
Think for a minute about your perfect wedding client. Where would the wedding be? What would the bride and groom be like? What services would you like to provide?
Now go after that client, and ignore the rest.

Maybe one of your dream reception sites is a local resort. Find out who the wedding coordinator is and start networking with her.

Mail her information.
Give her samples.
Show her what you can do.
Spend your money promoting to her!

She can send you weddings many times per year – if you become part of her referred network.

Isn’t that more valuable to you then gaining one new client through the blast method?

Now think about how many of these types of referral sources you’ll need. 10? 20?  If each of the 20 provided you with 2 weddings per year, that would be 40 weddings.
So, how are you going to promote to those 20? I guarantee you if you spend your time promoting effectively to those 20, your business will be booming during the coming year.

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