Digital Photography – Recharge Your Business By Taking A Vacation

What’s the best way to recharge your photography business? Take a vacation.

As photography business owners, we often get stuck in the same old routines of running our businesses. We move from position to position, working non-stop making sure things get done. After all, most business owners have to wear a lot of hats to get all of the work done.

But after a while things begin to get monotonous. And the best way to get back on track is by taking a vacation.

Here are 10 things you should do on your next vacation.

10. Relax. Don’t check email twice a day and carry that cell phone with you at all times. The only way to rejuvenate is to completely get away from it all.

9. Try something new. Wherever you go these days you’ll find the standard shops, stores and restaurants. Why not take a chance and try out that small restaurant on the beach? You may be in for a pleasant surprise. While you’re there, get some tips to use in your own business.

8. Find something motivating to bring home. I always find one thing that I can bring back and put on my desk that will allow me to relive my vacation experience anytime I need a quick escape. It may be a special frame for a photograph, or a vase for my favorite flowers. It’s nice to bring that feeling to life at any time.  Read the remaining>>

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