Do You Apologize For Your Photography Business?

You’re meeting with a client. You come to the end of your presentation and you hit them with the price. They get quiet and look at you kind of funny. The silence continues. You start shaking on the inside. “What do I do now,” you think.

Then you do the worst thing possible.

“I know it seems high. What if I throw in a few extra things? What would you be willing to pay?”

Doubt creeps in and you blow your sales presentation.

Have you ever had this experience before?

We all have. And yet this one thing kills your business quicker than anything else.

If you’ve set your prices for a reason (you have, haven’t you?), then you should be comfortable with your pricing. Pricing should be synonymous with quality. If you have a quality product, experience, education, and a solid reputation, your pricing reflects your skill.

Doubt crumbles your reputation and reduces the quality of the product. “She’s not sure about herself,” your potential customer will think the moment they see doubt. “Should I really trust her?” Or in some cases, some prospects will even move to the dark side and think, “I wonder what else I can get away with”.

Both are clients you don’t want.

Both can ruin your reputation.

Both can create a business model you won’t enjoy.

If you’ve found yourself thinking or doing this in the near past, today is the day to change it all around. Ask yourself these three questions.

1. Do I know exactly why I’m in business?

2. Do I know exactly how my business works and what I have to offer?

3. Do I know exactly what to charge for everything?

The more sure you are about your overall business model, the less rattled you’ll become when someone questions you. The more you understand about your packages and why you’ve put them together the way you have, the more you can explain it to your prospects and customers. And when you’re sure about your business model and what you have to offer, you’ll understand exactly why you charge the way you do.

3 thoughts on “Do You Apologize For Your Photography Business?”

    When you stated “The more sure you are about your overall business model, the less rattled you’ll become when someone questions you.” you spanked the monkey with the truth. What your article did not speak to is “why” so many are rattled & confused by this question. The simple truth respects with the fact that a lot of would be photographers seeking to go pro through it would be easy because it was fun. They got a kit camera, set it on auto & fired away and when someone said OOOOOHHHHH, I like that, how much do you want, they were rattled & spit out a # hoping it was low enough that the person would say yes. They were more excited about the idea of someone buying their image they never through about the cost of producing that image. I know this to be true because it’s where I began, actually a few steps further back.

    Your article speaks of “packages” which I detest & that’s putting it mildly but I just got a call where a prospect want’s a “package” deal for her wedding. Knowing my business & what i base my pricing on, I will offer her what she wants without sacrificing me services, skills & talents.


  2. Not only does this help you articulate why you made the packages you did and why they are priced the way they are, but knowing those things helps you move beyond the package to make clients feel special by customizing your packages in ways they request (or ways you can see they need) without losing your margin. If you understand your pricing and your business, you’ll know exactly what you are able to do; where you can be flexible, where you can’t, ad how to build something completely new and “off the menu” on the fly while still making a profit.


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