Do You Need Extra Money For Your Photography Business?

Have you ever said or heard the following statement?

“My normal salary just doesn’t cut it anymore. What I really need is a little bit of extra money. If I had a little bit extra every month, then I could do some of the things I’ve had on my plate for a while now.”

Yep, you probably hear something like that all the time. People always have a hard time making ends meet. They think they’ll have a little extra and their car breaks down. Or their child comes home with a “trip of a lifetime” … how can you say no? Or worse, they have a little extra money at the end of the month and end up blowing it on something frivolous.

Then the same cycle starts in again the next month. And so on.Do You Need Extra Money For Your Photography Business

What is the term “extra money” really doing for you? In essence, its just telling your subconscious that you need more money than you have today. Which means that if you find a penny on the street, you’ve accomplished your goal.

The term “extra money” is simply too vague to do you any good. Its not compelling enough to force you to take action and accomplish what you need to in order to bring in “extra money”. Your subconscious brain takes in that you want extra money, and when you have any amount extra, it shuts down and says “I’ve achieved my goal”.

Which means that the only way you can get your subconscious brain to take action is to give it something to hold on to and work towards.

If you’ve ever caught yourself saying “I need extra money this month”, what do you really need it for?

Maybe you have a new car payment of $300 a month that you always seem to be struggling to pay.

Maybe you really want to take that course you’ve had your eye on, but its $1000 plus airfare and three nights hotel.

Maybe you want to build up your savings for the new house you’ve had your eye on. But even if you sell your current home, you know you’ll need an additional $10,000 for the down payment.

Now you have defined what “extra money” really means. You know you need to find a way to fund an exact goal you have in mind.

You can do that by eliminating something already in your life – no more lunches out on Friday’s with the girls.

Or you can do that by adding in additional revenue – really working on bringing in five extra clients per month for portrait sessions.

Either way, with the help of your subconscious brain helping you along the way, you know have the motivation you need to accomplish your goal of creating “extra money”.

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