Do Your Photographs Come Up In Google Creative Commons?

When you put your photographs on Flickr, do you place some of them into the Creative Commons?  By giving away some user rights to some of your pictures, you allow others to have the right to use your images freely in what they do online, providing they give you credit.

google creative commons

Now Google has a way for searching in the Creative Commons.

If you use the Google Advanced Image Search you can search by usage right. Search for images labeled for reuse, or commercial reuse, and for reuse with modifications.

Great if you’re looking for images to use on your blogs or sites. And great if you’re a photographer looking to gain some traction with your images.

Why? Let’s imagine a blogger uses your images in a blog post. They give you credit for your image. One of their readers sees your work, clicks over to your Flickr stream, likes what she sees, and connects to you through your website.

You’ve now made a connection with a potential client – one that you found by being active using social sites.

Because your work can now easily be found through Google, make sure you are keywording your photographs appropriately, so they will come up high when people search in Google.

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