Does Your Photography Studio Need More Sales?


It’s finally here. After today, the election will have come and gone, and it will be time to move on, and focus on how to finish up 2008 with a roar. Can it still be done? Can you still meet your sales goals? You bet.

Now is traditionally one of the best times for a photographer to make money. And this year is no exception. Instead of splurging on high ticket items, more people are going to look for things of value. And what could have more value than a family portrait?

There are three ways to bring in more sales.

1. Bring in more clients.
2. Bring in the same clients again and again.
3. Sell more to each client that walks through your door.

If you’re new to this business , obviously you have to start with number one. You can’t build a business without clients. So get out there and network and advertise to bring in new clients.

But don’t forget about building towards numbers two and three. Those are your real moneymakers.

Once a client buys from you, they know you and understand you. It’s easier to make them happy because they’ve been through the process. So if they’ve had their two year old photographed this past summer, why not bring them in for a family portrait this November?

And once you have them in, have things available for them to purchase.

NOTE: If you shoot the portrait and hand them a CD filled with raw digital files, you will NEVER make money.

You have to have packages and options in place for them to see and to purchase.

·    Special packages of photographs to entice gift giving
·    A framed 20×24 for above the fireplace
·    A brag book for Grandma
·    Holiday cards
·    Framing options

Bring them in. Photograph them for options. Sell to them. It’s the only way to stay in business.

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