Does Your Studio Need A Newsletter?

Photography businesses have an advantage over most other businesses: they have amazing images that everyone is interested in and loves to look at. Creating a studio newsletter

So why not put those images to good use, and have them bring in business?

In today’s world, small business owners always talk about “cheap” or “free”. I’m a small business owner, and I too love tools I can use for free. But because most small businesses are resorting to using free tools, we’re also seeing a ton of opportunity in more traditional areas. And that includes newsletters.

How much junk mail comes to your home and/or studio these days?

For me, it’s diminished considerably. I love going through junk mail, and have found some great ideas by looking at other marketing campaigns. I even have a basket filled with junk mail – if it’s a great idea, I hang on to it so I can use it myself someday. But over the past 1-2 years, I’ve added very little to my basket.

So this screams of opportunity.

A newsletter isn’t something you mail in bulk to a mailing list. Instead, its something you send out to people that have a true interest.

  • Clients
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Members of your church
  • Vendors you work with
  • Prospects that call or email for more information
  • Lists of people that attend a charity event you participate in

Think about the newsletter you get from your local realtor. (I’m pretty sure you get something from a realtor – I get several myself.) They include a calendar with the local team’s schedule, tips on remodeling your home, and seasonal tips for keeping your home value up to date. You may even see neighborhood homes that recently sold, and what the value is. None of its personal, but it does give you good quality information that you can use.

Online Newsletter Resource

Use that same philosophy. Create a newsletter that People can use. Include fun tips about photography, or about your local area. Make it pertinent to your community. Then add the photographs. If you photograph weddings, load it up with your favorite images. If you shoot real estate, showcase your best work. Maybe even have a contest and show off the winner. Give a small prize to the winner, and you’ll have an even better promotion.

Still like the idea of going green? Give people that option. Put your same newsletter on your website, and email it out as well. Or change it up and put different information out online. Give them a reason for both.

The idea is to promote your business to the people that already love you – your clients and the people that know you best. Just by putting your information in front of them once in a while, you’re sure to get a whole new influx of business.

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