Don’t Answer the Telephone at Your Photography Business

Sounds very strange to hear someone telling you not to answer the photography business telephone. But, during off business hours like evenings and on the weekends when your studio might be closed, let the messaging service capture the call. If you allow your clients a way to contact the business in the evening when you should be closed, they will see that you are available anytime. The last thing a photography studio owner should do is to always be available. Your clients will call you at 10pm at night and 5am. I found, listed on a recent web site, a photography studio had published that she was available “anytime” and always answers her phone, so call anytime. Are you crazy? She also had very inexpensive pricing for her work and gave away most of the available profit. Sure, you are busy but, at what cost. So the tip here is to “don’t answer your telephone”.

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