Don’t Waste Your Time

The client comes in for a portrait. A mom, dad, two kids under the age of 4, and a dog.

After a lot of work, you end up taking 100 digital images between your studio and your outside location. The client will be back in a week to look at the images – time to get busy.

You load the 100 images onto your computer, and start processing. After going through all 100, you narrow it down to 65 great images that you will be showing your clients.

Some you enhance. Some you retouch. Some you turn into black and white. And by the time you’re through, you’ve spent over 6 hours with this clients files.

And theycolor chart haven’t even seen them yet.

It’s time well spent if they purchase several thousand dollars worth of images. But what if they buy a $250 package? You’re down to a very low fee.

There are many ways to get around photoshoping your clients files before they see them.

1. Highly Recommend: Don’t let your clients leave and come back at a later time. Immediately after the shoot bring them into a sales room and sell immediately.

2. Have samples of what you can do, but don’t adjust every image before the client buys.

3. Have macros available in Photoshop that can do some of the manipulation at the touch of a button.

Where is your time best spent? On work that has actually made you money – or on the hopes of a little income?

I guess it depends on how big you want your business to be.

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  1. The other thing to do is as you shoot ask about other relatives and get them to pose for Aunt Sandra, say this next one is for Uncle Bob and change pose – this one is for Jim’ father and so on. Then when they see the images remind them of the different poses and who they are for and they will buy more.


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