Easy Ways To Make Infographics For Your Social Sites

If you’ve been to Pinterest, you know one of the most popular, most shared items on there are infographics. They are fun to look at, filled with useful or amazing content, and therefore are also fun to share.

Infographics can range from the simple to the complex, filled with basic information or elaborate graphics. The key is getting your message across quickly and with style. Check out one of the recent infographics that went viral on Pinterest.

While you can use Photoshop to do just about anything, there are many online tools that also give you an easy way to get your ideas out there.

Have a quote you want to share? Try Pinwords. Pinwords is an easy tool that lets you choose a background, or upload your own. With that in place, open up the copy boxes and add your text. Pinwords automatically puts your copy into the background, and pins it to the Pinword account. Then you have the option of sharing it on Pinterest, tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or email it out to your friends.

Wordle is a tool used for generating word clouds from the text you provide. Once you’ve input your words, tweak the layouts, color schemes or font styles. Then save and share them with your friends.

With Visual.ly, you can easily create infographics and data visualizations. Start by visiting their showcase to see what others have done. Then use those ideas to come up with your own.

Love statistics as much as I do? Then you’ll want to check out StatSilk. StatSilk offers a variety of tools to help you create infographics based on trends. Create maps, graphs, charts and advanced data sets all with these simple tools.

Creately lets you make creative diagrams and flow charts by using drag-and-drop technology. Choose from a number of purpose designed diagrams, then make it more complex by adding in your own data. You’ll love the end results.

Now that you have some tools in place, start focusing in on your ideas. Not every infographic will make it big and become a viral marketing tool. But if you  do it right and spend time creating something that speaks to your audience, you may end up picking up a client or two along the way.

Have you created an infographic? We would love to see them. Share the links here to your favorites.

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