Enter A Photo Contest and Improve Your Resume

Want three reasons to enter a photo contest?

1. Winning an award adds to your credentials. If you can put a long list of awards on your resume, you’ll not only have a more professional look, you’ll be able to charge more for your work as well.

2. You’ll learn a ton. Look at the winners of each contest you enter from the previous years. Study them to get an idea of what they are looking for, and improve your photography skills in the process.

3. It makes you feel great! There’s nothing like winning an award that gets you excited for your business.

I found this great list of contests – 9 Great Photo Contest To Take Part In! – and it inspired me to share the list with you, and to give you 3 more additional resources to enter.

The Center for Fine Art Photography
The Center for Fine Art Photography is sponsoring a photo contest with the theme – a visual representation that portrays the likeness of a person, animal, place or thing.

This contest is open to photographers worldwide, amateur and professional level.

Entry fee is $20 USD for 3 images as a member, $35 for non-members. Additional images are $10 each.

Deadline of August 18, 2009

Official website: http://www.c4fap.org/cfe/2009Portrait/portrait.asp

FotoWeek DC Awards
The second annual FotoWeek DC Awards is looking for entries in 12 separate categories, in single and series form, as well as multimedia pieces that combine images with video, sound and graphics.

All entries must be submitted electronically in JPEG or TIFF format, 1,000 pixels or greater, through their website at http://www.fotoweekdcawards.org

Entry fee is $20-$35 per single image, $60-$85 series entry.

Deadline is September 20, 2009

River To Well Photo Competition
A unique concept that will award all entry fee earnings to build wells for villages that have no alternative to unsafe water and sanitation.

First, second and third place winners, as well as a best in show, will be chosen in 5 categories: people, places, cultural traces, flora & fauna, and black & white/monochromatic.

Can submit images through mail, or digitally on their website at http://www.rivertowell.com/submit.php

Deadline September 15, 2009

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