Enter Digital Photographer of the Year Awards for 2010

What does winning a photographer award mean to you? It could be something you do for you – something that allows you to be recognized for your photographic skills. Or it could be something you do for your clients – something that allows you to showcase your skills. Either way, an award can help you boost your confidence and help you build your business a little bit more. It puts you into a different category of photographer. You can use it on your resume to tell your potential clients you’re an award winning photographer. And of course you can win some pretty excellent prizes along the way too.

Digital Photographer magazine just released their Photographer of the Year awards 2010 program, and you have several chances of winning between now and the end of the year. With six categories to choose from, you don’t have to enter everything right now. Each category opens up and corresponds to an issue of the magazine: Landscapes through August 26th, Portraits through September 23rd, Wildlife through October 21st, Travel through November 18th, Action through December 14th and Creative/HDR through January 14th.

When the final category closes, Digital Photographer will announce their grand prize winner, who will become Photographer of the Year for 2010.

Ready to enter?

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