Facebook – The New Idea Generator

Are you a part of our Facebook Page? Yesterday we hit 5,000 fans, so it was a big day for us here. We’ve only been working on increasing our fans for the past month, and now that we’ve reached our goal of 5,000, its time for a new goal. 10,000 here we come.

When you make a conscious effort on using something to help build your business, you quickly see it sprout into life. You look for ways to use it better, help more clients, reach out to more customers, and in general provide more information.

That’s what we’ve found as we made a conscious effort to use Facebook as a part of our marketing. Because we focus on using it every day, we’re also on the lookout for ways to use it better.

Facebook reaches out far beyond the typical marketing tool because you can do so many things with it. Sure, you can tell and show people what you do. But you can ask questions, listen to what people are talking about, and come up with some phenomenal ideas.

Yesterday we asked a question: If you could have any photography assignment (dream big here), what would it be? And the answers started flowing in. One thing we found out quickly is photographers love National Geographic, and would love to travel the world while getting paid to photograph. (Sounds good to us too!)

The important thing with any marketing tool is to get people to engage. Get them to participate, and make it worth their while.

As a photographer, you can’t make your marketing all about you – especially with social networking sites. You have to make it about your followers too. Instead of making an offer, find a way to get them to participate. Then let them dream and give you ideas. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with.

Have you Liked our Facebook Page yet? Come on over and let us know what your ideal photography assignment would be. You can also share your thoughts in greater detail down here in the comment section.

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