Finding Photographers With A Niche

After three days off, and a whirlwind of fun activities, I’m back at my desk. Long weekends are great for rejuvenating, and for finding something to inspire you.

In my last post on Fine Art Photography I mentioned we were off to the Downtown Denver Arts Festival over the weekend. Despite the looming clouds and rain, we spent several hours there on Saturday enjoying the artists and the overall atmosphere (the Nuggets were playing that night, so Downtown Denver was wild!)

As we strolled through the streets visiting the booths, I noticed something that made me realize there is always a way to survive in business. If you differentiate yourself, you’ll draw in the crowd. And you’ll make the sale.

While I loved all of the photographers work, several really stood out to me.

Light Threads by William Wright
We chatted quite a while with William’s wife Molly, and enjoyed learning all about these unique photographs. William is an ear specialist by trade, and began applying his technical side with his artistic side to create his art, Light Threads. These are truly amazing photographs, and appear to be backlit because of the wonderful, intense colors. Strolling by his booth, his images just called for you to come in and take a closer look. Even on his website, you can tell these images are different from anything you’ve seen before.

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windhorseOne Studios
There’s something serene and gentle about horses. Maybe that’s why even today they are seen as an almost mystical creature. Susan Williams has focused her love for horses and photography into a dynamic business. As I walked up to her booth, the first image I saw was a soft image of a mother overlooking her colt. The feelings it brought out were amazing.

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Bob Coller Jewett
Not all photography has to be real life. Bob Coller Jewett’s photography takes abstract to an amazing level. We spent quite a while studying his images, deciphering the objects used to create each piece of abstract art.

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Jennifer O’Meara Studio
When I asked for one of her business cards, she handed me a wooden magnet with a cutout of a flower – her niche in photography. I loved it, and it’s on my refrigerator. I love flowers and gardening, so I was instantly attraced to her work. What makes Jennifer stand out is her use of framing. She uses window panes to frame her photography, and it adds a lot to it.


The more you focus, the more you’ll be noticed. In each of my above examples, it was their intense focus that drew us in. You could see each had discovered something unique, and were very passionate about what they do. Focus gives you perspective. Focus builds your passion. And the more it’s enhanced by what you do, the easier it will be for others to see it too.

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  1. This was refreshing. I do Wedding, Commercial and Estate photography. This inspired me to use the creator’s creations as back drops where art lends itself appropriately. Thank you.


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