Finding Portrait Clients 2 through ?

Finding your first client is easy, right? You are excited about it, and start sharing your stories with all of those around you.

So a couple of people you know come to you for portraits, and you’re on the way to a profitable business.

But then your sources dry up. You’ve already told the people you see every week about your business, and you’ve only photographed a couple of people. Where are the other dozens of clients going to come from? How will they help you grow your business?

No matter what you read or hear, businesses don’t grow instantly over night. You can’t go from zero to successful in a matter of days. It takes weeks, and sometimes years to become a true success story.

And it takes planning.

1. Start with your first customers, family and friends. Tell them what you’re doing, and let them be your samples.

2. Start a newsletter. Send to your first customers, family and friends, and add to your list all the time.

3. Fill your newsletter with everything you are doing in your business. Show them your work. Give them stories. Provide specials.

4. Keep everyone you meet in your communication loop – forever.

Repetition is the key to success.

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