Fine Art Photography – An Easy Way To Find Your Next Festival

One of the things I love about the summertime in the Rockies is the arts festivals. I know I’m not alone in loving to hit the great outdoors, and walk through some amazing artwork at the same time.

Andrew and I also have a new interest as our future goal is to start building up ourdowntown denver arts festival own fine art photography business.

So this weekend, we’ll be heading out to Downtown Denver Arts Festival, featuring Colorado artists, and 18 Colorado photographers.

I went to their site just to learn more about the festival, the submission process, and a few other details. And in the process found a great resource to share with you.

The Downtown Denver Arts Festival (and as it turns out hundreds of other arts festivals) use a program called Zapplication.


You can head to one source, fill out your application, upload your sample images, and begin applying to the festivals you are interested in attending. Each festival provides more information, including time/location of the event, and deadlines for submitting your application.

They provide a wealth of help sections and resource guides to answer all of your questions on the process, and how to take full advantage of using the system to get into more shows without wasting your time repeating the application process over and over again.

I’ve now added Zapp to my favorites.

What resources do you have for finding easy ways to get into art shows?

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