Five Photography Website Optimization Dos and Don’ts

How can you make your website a little better? What are your visitors looking for? Think about what you look for in a website when you’re out searching online. The key to making a great website is to put your own impressions behind you. Ignore what you know about your business; instead, concentrate on what your visitors would want to know about your business. They are often times distinctly different. Use these five Dos and Don’ts as guidelines.

  • Do use headlines. Headlines help engage the reader, and assist them in making their way through your site. Headlines are meant to provide something of interest to the reader, and motivate them to want to read on – and ultimately move to the next step.
  • Don’t assume your visitor will take action today. 9 out of 10 website owners miss connecting with potential customers because they try and make the sale today. Instead, offer something of value to your visitor in return for capturing their email address.
  • Do use testimonials from a variety of sources. Include a variety of real-life customers, well-known people in your industry, authors, and other important business people in your community.
  • Don’t ignore who your customer is. Every audience expects a different functionality. A group of 20-something males with careers in computer programming will have different expectations than 40-something soccer moms. Build to capture the heart of your audience.
  • Do test your material. The “build once” concept works fine for a brochure, but a website is meant to be updated regularly. Keep track of your numbers, and try adding new functions to your website at least several times per month.

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