Gary Fong WhaleTail – Creative Lighting using on camera flash Photography

Producing quality lighting within your photography is key to increased sales. While it is not always advantageous to setup studio light and umbrellas or a softbox that would instantly gain better, softer light, searching for other solutions might help.

On camera flash allow an instant light source for your subject, but the results can be a less than appealing. Many images might provide acceptable results; the majority share the same results, dark background and flat lighting on the subject. While capturing events, I found that bounced flash provided excellent results by increasing light surrounding areas of the portrait and added softness between highlights and shadows. Using a straight bare bulb flash provided soft even light but distance to the subject was extraordinarily restricted. In researching alternative way to use on camera flash, I ran into some interesting attachments that Gary Fong offered. I have known Gary for well over a decade and he has continued to bring new and inventive products to market. His latest, called the Gary Fong WhaleTail, is an attachment to your on camera flash. This WhaleTale Diffuser  and WhaleTale Reporter are great accessories to use for more flattering light.

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