Get Active!
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Get Active!

It’s November! What are you doing with your marketing and PR?

I work with a lot of people. When I hear “I’m too busy to market”, I cringe. If you’re busy now, how did it get that way? Chance are you mailed out a series of brochures. Or you had several conversations with someone that had an influence on your business (i.e. the principle of a high school for senior photos, a children’s clothing store owner for children’s holiday photos, etc.)

What will happen to your business in January? Does it typically come to a roaring stop? The only way to change that is to spend your time NOW marketing for the upcoming new year.

Marketing and PR take a few weeks, or even a few months to work. Make a plan now for a promotion this new year. Then spend a couple of hours every week putting that plan into action. I typically block off Wednesday mornings to work on planning for the future, and make any necessary contacts during that time frame.

Remember, with the Internet, you don’t have to block out prime time. If you are doing portraits M-F, 9-5, don’t use that time frame for planning. Instead, work Wednesday night’s from 6-10. The point is to MAKE the time now, to keep you busy all through the year!

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