Get out and network

Have you ever heard of WorldWIT?

It’s a great group of women (and some men too) involved in the world of technology. And if you’re reading this – you qualify!

There are many different regions available to join as a part of WorldWIT. I’ve joined RockyWIT. The great thing about this organization is the way they network.

Once a day I receive an email from RockyWIT. Every member is free to email in questions, comments or general “shop” talk. Then the emails are compiled into one email and mailed out to the members.

The great thing about this is people ask all kinds of questions – personal and professional. The last few days have brought questions on:

recommendation for a dentist
looking for a meeting space for 20 people
Job posting for a computer engineer
more information on time share opportunities
looking for a nanny for the summer

As you can see, postings are on just about everything.

I personally have created a strategic partnership by making contact through a posting. I have met the editor of a local magazine, and may have the ability to write articles in the future. And that’s just in the past month!

My point is to try something new. Get out and meet people. Share your story. Ask for things you need next in life. You’ll be surprised at what you might find.

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