Getty Images Announces A Call For Photographers

Getty Images has been scouring Flickr for over a year now looking for photographers that can add to their portfolio. Now they’re taking it to the next level, and are putting out a formal call for artists.

If you are interested in becoming a stock photographer, start by uploading 10 of your best images to the Flickr collection on Getty Images. Getty’s editors will be monitoring the uploads, looking for the right photographers to add to their contributor list. If you make the cut, your images will be a part of their collection.

getty images

Stock photography is a step up from microstock. With places like iStockPhoto, you make a few cents to a few dollars per image, depending on your portfolio status. With Getty Images, you stand to make substantially more. But keep in mind if they do accept your photos, you enter a contract with them as the exclusive seller of that image.

As with any type of photography, your best course of action is having several different ways of making money. If you’re photographing regularly for both micro stock and stock photography, the results could be rewarding.

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