10 Gifts for Photographers of 2022

Whenever trying to choose unique and cool gifts for photographers, do it with style. In other words, your gift should not only impress through its utility as a photography tool, but also embody an innovative idea. Remember that a camera is a photographer’s primary tool, and you shouldn’t usually mess with someone’s pleasure of acquiring his/her own camera, especially if the photographer in question is a notoriously picky photo addict: you’re very likely to not get the exact thing he/she wants. Therefore, we will steer clear of cameras.

Instead, we’ll try to focus on cool gifts for photographers which simply cannot fail in making even the most pretentious photographer display an enthusiastic grin. We’ll also move up and down the price range, so as to accommodate all budgets.

1. Portable Photo Studio

Sure to come as a complete shocker, the portable photo studio is one of those gifts for photographers which cannot be forgotten. Besides the overawing coolness of the idea itself, the pop-up photo studio is easy to carry and very easy to deploy, with the whole setup operation taking about ten minutes. It’s needless to say how useful an pop-up photo studio would be during a product photo shoot on a cloudy day.amazon button

havox photo studio

2. Solar-Powered Camera Strap

Simply the coolest and most useful gadget a nature-loving and/or frequently travelling photographer can wish for, the solar-powered camera strap will make your camera operational for as many days in a row as you bask in at least a little sunshine. Ideal for photographers making long travels to isolated places in order to ace the best frames. Also a very good choice for amateur photographers who are new to the field, as it will allow them more time to experiment without constantly worrying about dying batteries. A great overall gift for a photographer and a smart and fun way to save battery life.

solar powered camera strap

3. Camera Bubble Level

Is the photographer in question a straight-frame freak? Does a two-degree incline of the family picture cause a surge of hot temper? Then behold the hot shoe triple bubble lever: a simple yet ingenious tool which will make sure that any photo is perfectly aligned with cosmic precision. Small and easy to carry, just slide it into your camera’s hot shoe and voilà. Having this tool is a smart trick to pull out from your sleeve if the photograph you need to take must be extremely precise. As such, it might come in handy during photography competitions and professional photo shoots, where top quality is a must.

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polaroid triple bubble spirit level

4. Cloak Bag

It’s amazing how much our behavior depends on subconscious elements of the self. Taking photos is no exception. It’s been proven that, when carrying their camera in a bag, people will most often not take a photo of something interesting than going through the hassle of opening the bag and taking the camera out. If you know this to be true, buy a cloak bag. It’s one of those gifts for photographers that make photographic procrastination less likely. In addition, it also provides constant protection for the camera itself.

black camera cloak

5. Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Yes, it’s possible. And quite popular actually.  If you want to put your cell phone camera on steroids, this is something you ought to try. It’s also guaranteed to attract the attention of friends. Moreover, the cell phone camera is very easy to use and can be attached or detached from your device using a simple, adjustable, fastener.

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superlt clip on fisheye

6. Portable Green Screen Kit

This is the ultimate gift for photographers determined to make a bright career in the field. There is little doubt that a portable green screen kit will cause your friend’s jaw to drop. It is an extremely useful tool for professional photography and filming, allowing for easy subsequent editing and processing of photographic material. Furthermore, it’s also quite easy to carry and will fit in a mid-sized bag, along with all auxiliary equipment, once folded.

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ephoto portrait photography studio

7. Portable Lighting Studio

This is the supreme gift for professional photographers. Opt for this high-class choice if you really want to emotionally K.O. your photographer friend. Easy to use and carry, the portable light studio is a dream piece of kit for many photographers. Moreover, it’s an absolute must for taking high-quality photos where lighting is crucial. From all gifts for photographers, pick this one for someone who is truly dedicated to his/her job as a photo artist and who you really want to impress.

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limostudio portrait photography studio

8. Vintage Camera

Despite all the gifts for photographers we’ve mentioned, there is only one which can really connect photography with true feelings of nostalgia. These emotions are central to our philosophy of photography as our only way to forever hang on to a loved moment: a vintage camera. With traditional film yet unmatched by digital photography in terms of quality, a cool vintage camera represents a great sign of appreciation from the person who offers it as a gift.

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leica m9 digital range finder camera


From modern gifts for photographers to vintage cameras, choose a present that taps into the emotional side of photography. The gift should also be tailored to suit the person’s needs. When you have a good idea about what the person is actually like, surprise him/her with a gift that combines Style, Emotion, and Utility. It’s what generally makes the gift achieve its purpose: to show that you care.

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