Go Social with PictureSocial

So you’ve heard all about MySpace and Facebook – and LinkedIn, and Twitter and …

Maybe you’ve tried some of them. But are you staying active with them?

The idea behind joining a social network is to meet people that can ultimately help you achieve whatever it is you have in mind. Want clients for wedding photography? Join places like Facebook and get active with wedding groups.

Want to become a better photographer? How about joining PictureSocial?

picture social

I just found this new site targeted towards photographers at all levels. Set up your profile (it’s Ning.com based) and build your profile. Then join groups and start making friends. Share your photographs. Make some comments.

Take the Photo Criticism group for instance. There you can put up photographs, and have others in the community critique them. Watch what others have to say and learn from them. Then try some of your own. I guarantee you’ll learn quickly.

Just like any other social site, it won’t work for you unless you work at it. You have to share your ideas and photographs. You have to make friends and get involved.

Start by signing up – then invite me to be a friend. Look around and have fun.

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