Google Keywords

Google changed everything.

They built Google on the concept of good, quality information, not just loading up your keywords, and other optimization techniques.

Instead of trying to capture every word you can think of, try focusing on a select few.

If you do in-studio portraits in the Denver area, why would you want to use “baby portraits” as your key word, and get hits from all over the world?

By becoming more focused, your site will actually begin to rank higher, and will be more targeted for the people that are actually looking for you.

*Use your keyword multiple times on one page of your website. So if you are wanting to do baby portraits in Denver, concentrate on that phrase, and use it multiple times on a page. Then in your html coding, list the phrase “baby portraits in Denver”. Working together, this will drive up your ranking.

*Remember your website has multiple pages. You don’t have to use the same keywords on each page. Design 10 different pages targeting 10 different niches. Search engine spiders look at every page separately. That’s the beauty of having a large website.

*Multiple domain names can also help. Buying and pointing it to the page on your website that is loaded with keywords will also help you in your ranking.

*Content is king. Don’t fill your pages with the same phrase over and over. It should make sense to the reader. Just write naturally, and create about 250 words minimum for each website page. Fit your keywords in naturally.

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