Help: Lost Camera With My Vacation Photographs

How many pieces of your photography equipment have you lost over the years?camera lens

Over the years, I’ve lost many things. In fact, one of the reasons Andrew and I went into the wedding photography business is because our own wedding photographer “lost” the film that she took inside the church. (She asked us to ask our guests if they found a bag of developed film.)

We never found those lost rolls of film. And I’ve never recovered the various pieces of camera equipment we’ve lost over the years, but now there is hope for consumers that leave their digital cameras behind.

Today I found a great site that helps join people with their lost cameras. It’s called Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures. People can send in a selection of photos from the camera, along with a description of where the camera was found, in hopes someone will recognize the people and return the camera to its owner.

What a great service – that’s why I love the Internet.

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  1. I always bring up Word on my computer and type in “If Found please contact… my Name, Address, Phone Number and Email address” I fill up the screen with it and take a shot with each memory card. I left my point and shoot in a rental car after a Disney vacation and the next driver mailed me the camera.


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