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Photography can become tedious and daunting if you shoot the same thing again and again. Next time you want to get out and adventure in a new direction, set your self up and do a challenge project.

Let’s look at stopping motion.

High Speed Egg
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Stopping action with a fast shutter speed can provide some amazing image results. One problem is that most cameras only sync at 1/60, 1/125 or 1/250 due to shutter blade opening clearance.

Let’s look at a way to stop motion without the use of a shutter. By using a standard digital SLR to capture images and eliminate the need for the shutter. Your list of items beyond the camera are:

Digital SLR
Flash unit
Microphone (to capture the sound)
A circuit board switch (to connect the microphone and fire the flash)
Shutter release cable

The goal will be to use the bulb setting on your camera so the shutter is open and will allow a flash image to be captured. Once the object has been penetrated, the sound is detected and the flash fires capturing the action. No need to use a high speed shutter due to the flash stopping all of the action.



 Images by Illuminating Distractions

Capture the speed with day light using a fast shutter speed. Take a look around you and see all of the motion that you can stop.


Image by loismanow


Image by RichardDumoulin

Open your mind to a new idea and see what happens.

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