7 Christmas Gifts for Photographers that Should Be on Your List

[Updated 2017] Buying Christmas gifts for photographers poses some unique challenges. Most people find it hard to shop for any hobbyist. But photography brings along some unique challenges. The biggest issue for most people is the sheer complexity of the subject.

It’s easy to brush up on most hobbies. But learning about photography is a difficult proposition. Photography is as much art as hobby. But in the following lists we’ll examine some items that have shared appeal among all photographers.

7. Disposable Cameras

Kodak FunSaver Single Use Camera
Kodak 3920949 Disposable Camera

Disposable cameras might not seem like an obvious choice for serious photographers. But one should remember that photographers love photography. This idea might seem overly pithy at first. But people should remember that photographers want to share their hobby.

Disposable cameras make great Christmas gifts for photographers. Not because the photographers will get much use out of them. But instead because it’s a great way to introduce people to photography.

When a photographer is out and about he can instantly get other people in on the fun. Photographers are understandably hesitant to lend out their own equipment. But they’ll love to give people spare disposable cameras.

6. Gift Cards

gift card, one of the Christmas gifts for photographers

Gift cards have become a lot more popular over the years. People often forget that gift cards are applicable to almost any specialty hobby. There’s a few things to consider as Christmas gifts for photographers. A good first step is to ask photographers where they get equipment. Many specialty shops have gift card options.

However, larger general purpose stores almost always sell gift cards. People often forget just how versatile these stores have become. Even when they don’t have items in stock they can often place special orders. That alone makes almost any big store a perfect shopping spot for photographers. One simply needs to make it clear what the card is for and how to use it.

5. Backpacks

Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR backpack
Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR Backpack

Non-photographers seldom consider the importance of a good backpack. But when one considers some of the best shots than it should be a little more clear. A good backpack is among the best Christmas gifts for photographers. One very big reason comes from the fact that backpacks help photographers with the hobby.

In fact, the reasons become more clear when looking at this list. There’s quite a few items involved with photography. Carrying around all those items can be difficult. But photographers find it even harder to carry around lots of expensive equipment.

Rain, heavy foot traffic and any number of other things make it hard to keep equipment safe. A great backpack makes equipment both safe and easy to carry.

4. Camping Supplies

Kaito KA500RED 5-Way Powered Emergency AM/FM/SW Weather Alert Radio
Kaito KA500RED 5-Way Weather Alert Radio

Camping supplies might not seem like a great match for photographers. But this is exactly why they’re great Christmas gifts for photographers. People seldom consider the fact that photographers often need to venture into nature.

As such, photographers seldom receive gifts that help them endure nature’s hardships. The exact type of gear will vary by a photographer’s needs. But one can err on the side of necessity. All photographers will still need to eat and drink when hiking for a good picture.

A thermos or foldable cup make great gifts. Sun hats or coverings can be a good match as well. And compact umbrellas which can protect equipment is always appreciated. Basically anything which can protect a photographer or her equipment is a great gift. There’s good reason why hiking and photography tends to overlap. What’s people find useful in one hobby often overlaps into the other.

3. Solar Chargers

Hiluckey Solar Power Bank 10000mAh
Hiluckey Solar Charger

Solar chargers are similar to camping supplies in some ways. It’s something that’s especially useful for photographers when they’re out and about. A photographer will often have nightmares about missing the perfect shot. And not having enough power is one of the biggest reasons that can happen.

Solar chargers have come a long way over the years. Compact foldable cells often weigh less than a pound. Meanwhile they’ll be able to charge a camera into a useful state even in intermittent weather.

The only consideration comes from overall compatibility. A camera with USB-C charging should simply hook into most portable solar panels. But other camera types might need more careful consideration.

2. SDHC Memory Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB
SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB

People outside the hobby often look at memory with some level of confusion. The first thing one should understand involves types of memory. SDHC cards usually come with a lower price tag. But one should understand that a lower price tag equals lower capacity.

Storage space on traditional SDHC cards runs on the lower side of things. But a lower storage space often means lower price. This makes SDHC cards closer to a stocking stuffer type gift. SDHC cards tend to max out at around 32 GB.

Having one or two extra SDHC cards can be a lifesaver when one runs out of space. It’s not something one will rely on as main storage. But it’s great as a fallback.

1. SDXC Memory Card

SanDisk Extreme 64GB SDXC UHS-I Card
SanDisk Extreme 64GB

Photographers love almost all types of memory. But photographers love SDXC cards more than almost any other option. The main reason comes down to SDXC size.

They’re certainly not going to win any awards as a bargain basement option. But one can’t beat SDXC on overall storage space. The cards have even pushed past GB into a TB range.

Buying cards in the TB range can prove rather expensive. But lower sized GB range cards can be surprisingly cost effective. And most photographers love to have a fallback option. Every camera’s storage is going to fill up far quicker than anticipated. Having backup storage makes it far more manageable.

Summing Up

The options considered so far should drive home a few points. One of the most important things to remember is that photography is about getting places. It’s also about ensuring one can take a photograph when he arrives.

Some of the best Christmas gifts for photographers don’t specifically involve photography. Meanwhile some of the other Christmas gifts for photographers involve helping people join in the hobby. In that respect, photography is like any other part of a photographer’s life.

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