How Big is a Wallet Photo

If there is an essential accessory in everyday life, it is the purse and the wallet. They are two efficient elements to transport cash, credit cards; transport passes safely. Coin purses are the perfect size to carry comfortably in your backpack or purse.

Discover all the personalized wallets and purses models, and choose the one that best suits your needs. Women’s wallets have a compartment for coins, which makes them even more complete.

Coin Purse With Photo

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The personalized coin purse is convenient; the only disadvantage compared to wallets is the size that, in this case, is smaller, which on certain occasions can be an essential feature if the bag or backpack you usually use is smaller in size.

The round coin purse is the best model; it is customizable with your favorite photos, just like the other models. Customization is done on one side; this product is washable. It’s a perfect gift for kids and teens who are just starting to manage and save money or for adults who prefer to take their coins separate from their wallets.

Personalized Wallets With Photos

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The custom portfolios with photos are the most chosen. They are available in different materials: synthetic leather, fabric, and denim. They also have different shapes and sizes and can choose the personalization, which makes a difference about other models.

Most available models have compartments to store coins, credit cards, banknotes, ID cards, or any other type of document. With buttons, clasps, or Velcro, choose the one that best suits the use you’re going to give them.

These portfolios can be designed with a photo, images, or text. Use your imagination and create a unique model.

Wallet Photo Size

Wallet photographs come in two sizes. Professional photo labs always use the standard wallet size. It measures 6 x 8 centimeters before the edges are cut and accommodates eight photos per 8 x 25-centimeter sheet. But windows use a less common size that accommodates nine smaller photos on the exact size of a sheet of paper. This type can fit better in your wallet without you having to cut the edges first.

Step 1

Click on the Windows 7 “Start” menu. Click on “Pictures.” Go to the folder containing the photo you want to print in wallet size.

Step 2

Click on the photo. Select the “View” button and then click “Windows Photo Viewer.” Windows now show the selected photo in Photo Viewer.

Step 3

Click on the “Print” button on the toolbar. Click “Print” to open the “Print Image” dialog.

Step 4

Use the command list menus to choose the printer, quality, paper size, and other options.

Step 5

Look for the “Print Size” area in the right column. Click on “Wallet.”

Step 6

Click on the number next to “Copies of each image.” Enter the number of copies of the image you want to print. You can print nine wallet-size photos on a single sheet of 20 x 25 cm paper. If the number of copies you want to print exceeds the space the paper allows, you will need more sheets.

Step 7

Turn on the printer. Load as much photo paper as needed. Click the “Print” button in the photo viewer print dialog.

General Classification of Wallets

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There is no clear division into types of wallets, but there are the most popular categories, the names of which are borrowed from the West. Each of the following types of wallets has a different volume, capacity, and several compartments.

So which one is right for you?

Types of Wallets

1. Bifold (Bi-Fold Wallet)

mens slim bifold wallet with card

The classic option is the bifold wallet: one that folds in half. This model has a versatile appearance so that it can be easily combined with any style of clothing: from business to sportswear.

Bifold cleverly combines compact size and functionality. Typically, this model has compartments for bank cards, coins, and cash. Often there is a plastic pocket for a driver’s license or precious photographs. Crab and Zipper wallets are classic bifold wallets.

2. Tri-Fold Wallet

men's trifold wallet with picture holder

A Trifold is a wallet that has three parts. In these models, the bills are folded two times. It also has compartments for coins and vertical bank cards. A plastic photo pocket is common.

The thickness of the closed trifolds is one of the largest. However, they rarely turn out to be more capacious than bi-folds.

3. Travel (Traveler)

Passport travel wallet with zipper

A Traveler is an excellent option for those who travel frequently. This model is a system for filing documents while traveling. Its distinctive feature is its spaciousness: there is space for a passport, plane or train ticket, driver’s documents, cash, and plastic cards.

4. Longer (Breast Wallet)

breast pocket wallet mens

Longer wallets are easy to identify – they are thin and elongated in length. Banknotes in them are placed entirely, without bending. The wallet itself folds in half, buttons or magnetic locks act as a clasp. There are branches for bank cards, cash, and coins. Such a thin bill, like Lighthouse, fits well with a business look and is discreetly located in the breast pocket.

5. Accordion Wallet

accordion wallet coach

Accordion wallets get their name from the fact that when open, they resemble an accordion. These can be both small bifold-sized purses and larger versions, in which the entire bills are placed.

The large accordion wallet is often a stand-alone accessory that allows you to keep everything you need in one place. Inside, there are many compartments, including several compartments for bills, passports, driver’s documents, telephone, coins, and plastic cards.

The wallet is convenient to carry in hand due to its large size and strap, often present on such models.

6. Zip Wallet

Black wallet size photo print

Wallets with a zipper can be attributed to a separate category. Their distinctive feature: secure storage of contents thanks to the full zip closure of the wallet. Zipper wallets can be divided into two subcategories:

Zip-around is a wallet that opens like a book. Its zipper is located on three sides of the four, allowing for easy opening of the wallet. You probably think, how does it differ from the previously considered bifold? There are indeed similarities. For example,  Zipper is both a zip wallet and a bifold. But sometimes, there can be differences.

Half-zip wallet – a wallet that has a zipper on two of its four sides. This option is convenient for small wallets like baby Duck.

7. Compact Wallets (Front Pocket Wallet)

wallet size picture in inches

The front pocket wallet is translated from English as “a wallet that fits in the front pocket,” This is not without reason! This accessory has a very compact size and fits easily into a jeans pocket. Small wallets have compartments for bank cards – after all, it is nowhere without them. A bill clip is also often present.

8. Cardholders

Photo sizes in cm

Cardholders act either as an independent wallet with a set of bank and discount cards or are an addition to the main wallet, which does not fit the required number of plastic cards.

9. Money Clip

How big is a wallet size photo showing money

Money clips are practically not used in the modern world since they do not provide compartments for bank cards. A more functional alternative is the front pocket wallet, which we reviewed earlier.

10. Coin Box

A coin box is a small wallet for coins. In some modern variants of coin boxes, you can find branches for bank cards.

Types of Wallets By Size

Large Wallet or “Clutch Wallet.”

Due to their spaciousness, they are now becoming popular not only among women but also among men. A large wallet easily fits a passport, phone, driver’s documents, and many cards.

Small Wallet

Its main advantage is that it fits easily into a pocket or small bag

Medium Wallet

A medium-sized bill or wallet. It is usually flat and fits easily into the breast pocket of a jacket, jacket, or coat. There is no need to fold money; they are placed in an expanded form. However, there are original medium-sized wallets, where money still folds, but a passport, tickets, and boarding passes are placed in an accessory.

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