How Big Should Your Online Photography Portfolio Be?

I’m willing to bet over 80 percent of all photographers websites have less than 25 images on them.


Can a prospect truly make a determination of your photography based on 25 images?

We all know that seeing 25 images means you’re seeing the best of the best. Even an amateur can find 25 great images. But being a professional means you can pretty much take a great photograph every time. It means that at a sitting, you only have to delete a handful of images, not every other one.

So why aren’t you showing everything you do at your sittings?

Even in the 90’s, we had over 20,000 images online for people to browse through. Yep, that’s with dial up modems. And the people still came and spent hours going through each one. They loved it! So how do you think we compared to the photographer that put up 25?

A good way to put multiple images onto your site is to use composite images.

Use one as your background image and opaque it in Photoshop. Then lay the others over the top, giving them dimension with shadows and borders. It’s easy to put up 20 or 30 images, all with one jpg. And as long as you make it a small graphic, it’ll have no trouble loading.

Your customers come to you for photographs. Make sure they are seeing everything you have.

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