How Can You Attract Photography Clients With Vanilla Marketing?

Award winning photographer

Passion for photography

Artistic style

Memorable experience

Wedding packages

Personalized portrait experience

Destination – travels nationally or internationally

I did an experiment today. I Googled a few words around photography – children photography, wedding photography – and headed over to the top ranked sites to see what they had to say. And just as I expected, I saw the same words, over and over again. Do you recognize any of the above words from your own marketing materials?

If a client is searching for a photographer, I guarantee you they do the same thing. They head over to Google and start typing in a few keywords.

  • Baby photography
  • Children’s photography
  • Kids photographer in Colorado

Whatever they are looking for, they keep typing until they find things that interest them.

But what happens when they read the same things again and again? Every photographer they see is award winning. Every photographer they read about offers a personalized portrait experience. Eventually it all becomes “blah, blah, blah”. And they end up hiring because of price.

So how do you separate yourself? Do something unexpected.

  • Maybe you offer wildly creative photomontages with only your iPhone.
  • Maybe you call your work something completely unexpected – Un-Seniors: Portraits With An Edge.

In any case, when people see what you do, they don’t see the same old boring words. They see something new. Something unexpected.

And it creates the desire to explore further.

They remember it. And they want it.

Do you know of a photographer who is anything but vanilla? I’d love to see their work. Post a comment and a link below, and let’s see creativity at work.

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