How Much Power Your Words Really Have

Pictures or Images?

Proofs or Originals?

Come in for your shoot. or Come in for an experience.

The way you communicate can have a major impact on the way you do business. In fact, it can mean the difference between an average business and one of the top businesses in the world.

Have any doubts? Watch this video.


Just by changing a few simple words, you can say the same thing in a much more appealing way.

Start by looking at your current marketing materials. Your brochures. Your sales presentation. Even your voice mail message. What do you say to your potential clients?

Now start analyzing each item. How can you change what you say and make it more appealing?

Lets look at an example.

Maybe you leave a quick note on your voice mail, telling people to visit your website to take a look at the pictures in your gallery.

The average consumer takes pictures. Pictures imply a pile of quickie images that you take on a point and shoot, develop at the local big box store, and throw into the drawer when you are finished.

What could you say instead?

Instead of talking about pictures, why not talk about your images? Instead of talking about your proofs, what about the originals?

By changing one word here and there, your message can be taken up to a whole new level. Yes, you may still be shooting, but by creating an experience for your clients, your customers will see you in a whole new way.

A little more elegant. A little more of a “wow” for the caller. And a little more value in what you do.

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